HTC One M9 Camera Before And After The Firmware Update

HTC One M9 Camera Before And After The Firmware Update

It has been reported that HTC One M9 European versions went under some serious update especially when it came to the camera department the smartphones have undergone a substantial update. Most of the changes were made in automatic exposure part of M9’s camera to keep the pictures bright and vibrant so that they don’t lose their real charm; the updates also worked on the low light photography and worked on reducing the noise and blur.

To see how much an update brings change in photography we did some simultaneous comparison and clicked several photos both before and after the update. Let us take a closer look at what we discovered.


One of the most annoying problem with M9’s camera was that when on auto mode pictures were clicked in good lighting the auto exposure did not work certainly well and that resulted in upheaval contrast and sharpness because most of the times the auto exposure completely went beyond the limits losing the contrast leading to a bad shot. However one could deal with this issue by manually tweaking the settings and exposure, customizing the mode but the bottom line is when most of the smartphones in this price range can click better shots in auto mode then why not HTC one M9?

Below are some pictures clicked before and after the firmware update, to get the authentic results both of the camera had been set to default settings. The pictures on left are taken with new firmware and right ones are with the older version.

M9 1M9 2

M9 3M9 4

M9 5]M9 6

M9 7M9 8

Generally, both new and old firmware delivered almost same pictures when clicked in auto mode. Flipping immediately between the photos from one to the other the new firmware appears to be more accurate in picking the white balance , and the photos looked a touch more honed when we zoomed in on them. A few photos were same even before and after the two firmware renditions.  even with the new firmware the One M9’s moderately low element range still has a capacity to wash pictures out, despite everything we wish there was an auto HDR mode accessible in view of this.


M9 lacks OIS i.e. Optical Image Stabilizer that is the reason as to why it does not have much room when it comes to low light photography. However the new firmware had people hopes up that the update may reduce the blur and noise, which was the apparent issue in the old firmware. The pictures will show the stark difference between both the firmware. The left side is clicked from old firmware while the right side belongs to the new firmware.

M9 9M9 10

Now the pictures below will have the new firmware on the left and old one on the right side.

M9 11M9 12

M9 13M9 14

From looking through all the pictures we still see that with M9 camera and the new update pictures are still not 100% perfect there is still something lacking. Shooting in auto mode with minimal accessible light — extending from a room in shade to  outside low light particularly night time or evening scenes  — yielded vastly improved results  with the updated firmware. In every picture except one photograph articles were crisper with far less obscure and commotion, which was especially clear when zooming in on the photographs. Much the same as daytime shots the white balanced appeared to be imperceptibly better. However the camera results have improved a lot but it still cannot stand in any competition against LG G4 and Samsung.

The firmware update has been made in some of the phones while others are still left and while the results have been vastly improved day time shots are much vibrant with sharp contrast however the night time photography is still struggling but comparatively to the older firmware it has improved a lot, the reduction in noise and blur is pretty apparent when the pictures clicked from both the firmware are put side by side. It is still not enough to compete with the leading giants in the smartphone industry to date.

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