How To: Use RUU To Flash Stock ROM On A T-Mobile HTC One M8

The T Mobile HTC One M8

One of the great things about Android are all the custom ROMs developers come up with – unfortunately, some custom ROMs are not as good as others.  Sometimes, flashing a custom ROM actually makes your device perform worse.  In this case, most people try to return to stock or official ROM.In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can return to stock ROM on a T Mobile HTC One M8 using RUU.  Follow along.


  • You need the bootloader of your device to be locked.  If you’ve unlocked, relock it.
  • Enable USB Debugging mode.
  • Install HTC USB Drivers
  • Have Fastbboot configured on your device
  • Download  RUU File: Link

Restore T Mobile HTC One M8:


  1. Connect your device to a PC and then open a Command Prompt in the Fastboot folder
  2. In the command prompt type: adb reboot bootloader 
  3. This should bring your device to bootloader mode.
  4. Type: fastboot oem lock
  5. Select Reboot Fastboot and when you return to Bootloader mode again, you will be notified if it is locked or not.
  6. Run RUU facility as an Administator while your device is in Fastboot mode.
  7. In the RUU window, click the Update button.
  8. Follow on-screen instructions and wait for stock firmware to flash.

Have you flashed stock firmware on your T Mobile HTC One M8?

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