How To: Unlock A Moto X That Is Running On Android KitKat

Unlock A Moto X

In this guide, we’re going to tell you how you can unlock a Moto X running KitKat.

Unlock Moto X Running Kit Kat:

  • Download exe.
  • Place it in same directory as
  • Download TWRP for Moto X 4.4.
  • Place it in same directory as
  • Enable USB debugging.
  • Download SuperSU 1.93.
  • Put Moto X into bootloader mode by pressing the volume down and power button for 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Connect your device to a PC.
  • Open a command prompt then go to the directory where you placed exe.
  • In command prompt type: mfastboot flash recovery twrp- This will flash recovery on your Moto X.
  • In command prompt: fastboot reboot-bootloader. This will reboot your device.
  • When your device reboots, disconnect your device from the PC.
  • Go into recovery and use the volume down button to go to recovery and select it by pressing volume up.
  • Tap on install button to install SuperSU.
  • Scroll down to find SuperSU.
  • Select SuperSU zip file and swipe to install.

Have you unlocked your Moto X?

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