How To: Unbrick AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A Easily

Last updated: May 25, 2020.
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Unbrick AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Providing root access to Android devices allows users several capabilities that help them to maximize the use of the phone or tablet. While rooting allows for a better performance, more customizations, and an overall more sophisticated software, giving root access and installing custom mods does not always happen efficiently, or without any complications. For one, installing a file that has previously been modified before you download it can brick your device. This can happen whether you are rooting or installing a custom ROM or installing an official firmware.

Bricking can be classified into two: soft brick and hard brick. In soft brick, the device turns on but a yellow triangle appears on the screen. This kind of brick can easily be solved. Meanwhile, in hard brick, the device shows only a black screen and it does not react to any action you perform. This case is much more difficult to solve, and you will need to bring your device to a support center for them to solve the issue.

This article will teach you how to unbrick your AT&T Galaxy Note SM-N900A. Those who have used Odin before will find it to their advantage and the entire process will be much easier. Otherwise, read carefully and follow each instruction properly. Also take note of some important things that you have to do before proceeding with the instructions:




  • Check to verify that you have properly installed USB drivers


Step by step instructions to unbrick your Galaxy Note 3

  1. Shut down your device
  2. Turn it back on while simultaneously pressing the home, power, and volume down buttons until the text on screen appears
  3. Click the volume up button to proceed
  4. Open Odin on your computer
  5. Connect your Galaxy Note 3 to your computer while it is in download mode. The Odin port should turn yellow with COM port number if you have properly connected your device.
  6. Look for BL/Bootloader and click it. Choose the file with ‘BL’ in its filename. If the build version of the firmware that you will be installing is lesser than what your Galaxy Note 3 currently has, keep the field blank.
  7. Choose PDA and click either the file with ‘AP’ in its file name or the file with the largest size
  8. Press CP/Phone and click the file with the ‘CP’ in its file name
  9. Click CSC and look for the file with ‘CSC’ in its file name
  10. Press PIT and look for the file with the .pit name extension
  11. Go to Odin and look for Auto Reboot, Re-Partition, and F-Reset
  12. Press the Start button and wait while the installation is being finished. The Galaxy Note 3 will restart
  13. Wait for the home screen and the “pass” message on Odin, then unplug your device from your computer.


A new home screen should appear on your device as soon as your Galaxy Note 3 opens.


If you have any questions regarding the process,

just ask  through the comments section.



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