How To Troubleshoot Android Phone Rooting Gone Bad

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Rooting Gone Bad

Being able to root a device successfully is something to be proud of. However, it takes a lot of risks and can sometimes go bad. So when things do not go as it should be, here are three steps to follow to get you and your device out of the mess.

In altering a rooted device, the most important thing to take note of is to carefully follow every instruction in the process. Otherwise, it will leave your phone useless and unable to boot. Fortunately, there are ROM manager applications to help you recover.


How To Correct Rooting Gone Bad


  1. ClockworkMod Recovery


It is fun and exciting to explore with custom ROMs on your device for as long as you securely have the ClockworkMod Recovery running from your ROM Manager app. ClockworkMod enables restoration of a ROM in case a problem occurs.


  1. Run Backup of Current ROM


Before finally installing a new ROM, make sure that you run a backup of the current ROM. This is done with the help of the ROM Manager. Make sure to keep the backup on the memory card so it can be made available anytime the need calls for it. This will be very helpful especially if you cannot boot your phone.


  1. Recover and restore


There is a simple way to restore ROM and that is to hold the volume-down together with the power keys. For other devices, you can simply go to the menu and choose ‘RECOVERY’, including ‘backup and restore’. Your backup will be listed along with other ROMs. When you have selected your ROM, it will restore everything back.

I hope you can fix the issue through this short tutorial.

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