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Last updated: September 1st 2017.

Save Battery on Android using Wi-Fi Saver

In this post, are going to show you how you can better manage the Wi-Fi connectivity of your Android device in order to keep it from using too much power to allow you to save battery life.  Wi-Fi can consume a lot of your battery life by keeping you connected to the internet even if you are not using it at the time.

To better manage your devices use of Wi-Fi in order to save your battery, we are recommending that you use an app called Wi-Fi Saver.  Wi-Fi Saver can manage your connection efficiently which can save the battery of your Android device.  The app will turn off the Wi-Fi if the signal is weak or if there is currently no need for internet connectivity.  Wi-Fi Saver can also automatically turn on the internet when connectivity is required.

Wi-Fi Saver saves you battery life by ensuring you are not staying unnecessarily connected to internet.

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