How To: Lock Apps Using The Fingerprint Scanner In Android Marshmallow

The Fingerprint Scanner In Android Marshmallow

The portability and usability of the smartphones of today make them important tools for our daily lives.  Many of use habitually store important data on our smartphones in order to allow us to quickly access it when we need it.  While this may be handy for us, it can also be a security risk.

If you are not alert to the need to secure your confidential data, you could find yourself the victim of data theft.  One was to strengthen the security of an Android smartphone and the data it contains is to use fingerprint sensors.

Fingerprint sensors lock your device – and the data within – by using biometrics.  On this post, we’re going to show you how to use an app called AppLock-Fingerprint that can lock the apps on an Android Marshmallow device.

A new app found in the Google Play store, Applock Fingerprint uses Android Marshmallow’s fingerprint API to allow users to lock their apps by using the fingerprint sensor.


  1. Download and install the app
  2. Open the app and then grant required permissions from Settings.

Note:  Marshmallow has granular app permissions, so you will need to allow or deny individual permissions. The app needs these permissions, so grant them if prompted or the app will not work.

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  1. Choose the apps you wish to be able to lock by using the fingerprint sensor. The app uses APIs from Marshmallow so you will only need to register the fingerprints once.

Note: You can save up to five fingerprints.  By using the same fingerprints several times, you can improve accuracy.



This app is easy to use and set up, the only annoying this is the Ads which show up in the bottom.  You could accidentally end up clickon on them if your sensor is in the home button area, such as it is in Samsung devices.  If you want, you can purchase the pro version of Applock Fingerprint which does not have the Ads.


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