How-To: Installing Android Lollipop On The AT&T Galaxy S5 G900A While Keeping Root

Installing Android Lollipop On The AT&T Galaxy S5


The AT&T Galaxy S5 now has Android Lollipop.  Samsung has already rolled out an OTA that is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop for the AT&T Galaxy.  There are some changes, especially in the UI.  TouchWiz has been modified along the lines of Google’s new UI Material Design.  There are also new notifications found on the lock screen, priority modes and guest modes among other thing.

The update took some time to reach the AT&T Galaxy S5 SM-G900A. Developers couldn’t come up with a way to root the device and workaround the locked bootloader.  GeoHot finally came up with a TowelRoot application that could work on the AT&T Galaxy S5.  This allowed device users to get Android KitKat but, if you want to update to Andorid 5.0 Lollipop, you’re going to lose root access.  In order to circumvent this, we offer you three ways to install Andoid 5.0 Lollipop: stock recovery, a pre-rooted Lollipop firmware that uses Chainfire’s FlashFire and by restoring a pre-rooted firmware by using Safestrap Recovery.

Before you try either of these three methods, make sure your phone is ready by checking the following:

  1. This guide only works for AT&t Galaxy S5 G900A that runs Android 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 KitKat. Check your software version and model number by going to Settings > System/ General / More > About Device.
  2. Charge your battery so it is at least over 60 percent.
  3. Back up all your important contacts, call logs, sms messages and media content.
  4. Back up the EFS of your device. If you’ve flashed Safestrap recovery, back this up as well.

Note: The methods needed to flash custom recoveries, roms and to root your phone can result in bricking your device. Rooting your device will also void the warranty and it will no longer be eligible for free device services from manufacturers or warranty providers. Be responsible and keep these in mind before you decide to proceed on your own responsibility. In case a mishap occurs, we or the device manufacturers should never be held responsible.

First method: Using stock recovery

  1. Download Android 5.0 Lollipop Stock
  2. Copy the file to the external SD card of the phone
  3. Boot into recovery mode.
  • Turn off phone completely.
  • Turn on by continuously pressing the Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key.
  • Release the keys only when the device boots up
  • Recovery mode should now be enabled
  1. Use the Volume Keys to navigate and go to “apply update from external storage”. Select it by pressing the Power Key.
  2. Select Android 5.0 Lollipop file. Select “Yes” to begin installation.
  3. Wait for the update installation to end.
  4. Reboot device. First reboot can take up to 10 minutes.


Second method: Use FlashFire

  1. Install the Flash Fire app
    • Join the Android-FlashFire community that is on Google+
    • Open the FlashFire Google Play Store link and select “become a beta tester”. This will take you to the installation page.
    • You can also install using FlashFire APK.
  2. Download firmware fileG900A_OC4_Stock_Rooted_ROM_wOA1_BL.
  3. Copy the downloaded file to the phone’s SD card.
  4. Open FlashFire App.
  5. “Agree” to terms and conditions.
  6. “Allow” application for root privileges.
  7. Tap “+” button that is located on the lower right corner of FlashFire twice to access the actions menue.
  8. Tap “Flash OTA or Zip”
  9. Select zip file.
  10. Next screen, leave Auto-mount option un-checked. Press the tick mark located on top-right corner. Don’t touch anything else.
  11. Tap “lightening” button at the lower-left corner.
  12. Your device should take 10-15 minutes for to reboot and then it will run rooted Android 5.0 Lollipop.


Third Method:  By Restoring Backup In SafeStrap

Before installation:

  • Make sure your device is already rooted. If not, root using TowelRoot. You should also install SafeStrap so you can install pre-rooted firmware.
  • Enable USB debugging mode.
  • Download Odin3 for your PC.
  • Establish a connection between device and PC using a data cable.

Install Instructions:

  1. Download and extract firmware file, G900A_OC4_Stock_Rooted_Backup.rar
  2. Download partitions file: tar.md5
  3. Copy the extracted files in the Backup folder of the phone’s SD card. This is a NandroidBackup folder created using Safestrap recovery. Path “ext-sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/abc”.
    • If you can’t find the folder in external storage, simply boot into SafeStrap recovery then tap Backup option to create a backup. This back up will be created in your phone’s SD card. Copy the extracted file.
  1. Boot into SafeStrap recovery and tap “Wipe”. Wipe all but your external SD card.
  2. Go back to main menu of SafeStrap recovery. Tap “Restore” option and restore G900A_OC4_Stock_Rooted_Backup file.
  3. Tap “Reboot > Download” mode option in SafeStrap recovery.
  4. Ppen Odin3 on PC.
  5. Connect phone and PC. Odin3 turns blue once your device is detected.


  1. Click “AP” tab in Odin3. Older versions have the “Modem” tab, click that. Untick all options but  Reset Time.
  2. Select G900A_OC4_Stock_Parititions_wOA1_BL.tar.md5 file.
  3. Click “Start” button and wait for the file to flash
  4. When flashed, disconnect device and reboot manually .
  5. First boot can take up to 10 minutes, but once your device completely boots up, Android 5.0 Lollipop will be running

Those are the three methods.

So which of these methods worked for you?

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