How-To: Install And Use Sony Flashtool With Xperia Devices

The Sony Flashtool With Xperia Devices

Sony’s Xperia series runs on Android and there are new developments every day on how to tweak and modify the Android operating system that can improve the performance of the Xperia devices. To enable Xperia users to flash new firmware, root their phone, flash custom ROMs and make other tweaks to their devices, Sony has a tool called Flashtool specifically for their Xperia line. Sony Flashtool is a software that allows flashing through .ftf files (flash tool firmware files).  In this guide, we’re going to show you how to install Sony Flashtool on your Xperia device. Download and install:


  1. Sony Flashtool
  2. Sony drivers
  3. For Mac users: Sony Bridge.

Using Sony Flashtool :

  1. When you downloaded and installed Flashtool, you  going to get a folder called “Flashtool” placed in your C: drive. NOTE: During the Flashtool installation process, you will given the choice to select which drive the Flashtool folder will placed, if you don’t want it in the C: drive, this time you can change that.
  2. In the Flashtool folder, you are going to find other folders. Here are three important ones and what you’ll find in them.
    1. Devices: contains supported devices
    2. Firmware: where you place .ftf files that you want to flashed on your phone
    3. Drivers contain the flash tool drivers for all Xperia devices.
  3. Now, go to the Drivers folder and install Fastboot and Flashmode drivers.


  1. When the drivers are installed you can start using Flashtool.
    1. Download a file you want to flash.
    2. Place it in Firmware folder.


  1. Run Flashtool by accessing it from installed programs of from the drive you placed it in.
  2. There will be a lightning button on the top left of Flashtool. Hit it and then select whether you want to run on Flashmode or Fastboot mode.

NOTE: Flash mode is what you’re going to need if you are installing and .ftf file. a4

  1. Select the firmware or file you want to flash. Below is a photo of the procedure for a firmware’s wtf file.  Copy them.

a5 a6

  1. Hit the Flash button and the .ftf file will begin loading.                                     a7 (1)
  2. When the file loaded, you’re going to see a pop-up window prompting you to connect your phone to your PC in flash mode.


  1. To connect your phone to a PC in flash mode:
    1. Turn the phone off.
    2. While keeping the volume down key pressed, connect your PC and your phone using the original data cable.
    3. When you see a Green LED on your phone, you have connected your device in flash mode mode.

NOTE: For older Xperia devices use the menu key instead of the volume up key. NOTE2: To connect your device in fast boot mode, turn the phone off and keep the volume up key pressed while you connect your phone and the PC.  You know the phone is connected in fast boot when you see a Blue LED.

  1. When your device has successfully  connected in flash mode, flashing will begin automatically. You should see logs with the flashing progress.  When it is done, you will see “flashing done”.

Have you installed the Sony Flashtool in your Xperia device?

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