How-To: Download Official Firmware For The Sony Xperia And Create A FTF File.

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Official Firmware For The Sony Xperia

Firmware For The Sony Xperia

Sony has been working to get Android software updates for its Xperia series, rolling out updates through either OTA or Sony PC Companion.  However, these updates hit different regions at different times with some regions getting the updates right away while others suffer a long delay.

If the Android update isn’t set to hit your region anytime soon, you can try updating the Xperia device manually.  Flashing a firmware manually can be done by flashing a Flashtool Firmware File on Sony Flash tool. You can also download stock firmware from the Sony server and create your own FTF file and flash this on your own device.  This guide shows you how.

First Step: Download Sony Xperia Official FirmwareFILESETs using Xperifirm:    

  1. Find out what is the latest firmware that is available for you device. Go to Sony’s official site to get the latest build number.
  2. Download and extract XperiFirm
  3. Run Xperia Firm application. It is the black favicon like you can see in this photo.  When this opens, there will be a list of devices.  Click on your device’s model number.


  1. After you’ve selected your device, you are going to see the firmwares and the firmware details. There will be four tabs:
  • CDA: Country Code
  • Market: Region
  • Operator: Firmware provider
  • Latest Release: Build number
  1. Look at what build number is a match for the latest build number and which region you wish to download from.
  2. Choose the firmware properly. Don’t download a customized firmware if you have a carrier randed device. Don’t download a carrier branded firmware if you have an open device.
  3. Double click on the firmware you want. A third colum in the same window will give you the build number.  Click on the buildnumber and you will see the download option like in this photo


  1. Click Download, then choose the path you want the filesets to save. Choose to download.



  1. When the download is complete go to the second step

Second Step: Create FTF with Sony Flashtool.

  1. Download Sony Flashtool and install it on your PC or Laptop/
  2. Open Sony Flashtool
  3. Tools- > Bundles -> FILESET Decrypt. A small window will ipen.
  4. Select folder where you downloaded the Filesets with XperiFrim.
  5. You should see the Filesets listed in Ävialable box.
  6. Select Filesets and put them in the Files to Convert box.
  7. Click Convert.  This should take 5 to 10 minutes.
  8. When decryption ends, a new window called Bundler will open. This will allow you to create the FTF file.
  9. IF the Bundler window doesn’t open, access it by going to Flashtool > Tools > Bundles > Create. Then select the source folder of the FILESETs.
  10. There’s an empty bar in from of device from the device selsctor, click on this then enter firmware region/operator. Enter the firmware build number.
  11. Bring all files, except .ta files to Firmware content and click Create.
  12. Wait for FTF creation to end.


  1. Find the FTF in installation directory > Flashtool >
  2. Flash the firmware

Have you flashed this firmware?

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