How To: Change Your Apple ID In App Store After Upgrading To iOS8

Upgrading To iOS8

Changing your Apple on your iDevice, is important, it will help you download apps, use iMessage and FaceTime and protect your device from getting stolen.

In this guide, we’re going to show you two methods by which you can change your Apple ID on the App Store on iOS 8.


Method 1: Change the Apple ID in App Store on iOS 8:

Step#1: Open Settings

Step#2:  Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Step#3: You should see your Apple ID on top of screen, Tap it.

Step#4: When Popup appears, Tap Sign Out.

Step#5: You should be logged out from your current Apple ID.

Step#6: And the other Apple ID  you want to use.

Method 2: Change the Apple ID in App Store on iOS 8: [ Jailbreak ]:

Step#1: Jailbreak iPhone/iPad.

Step#2: Open Cydia on iPhone/iPad.

Step#3: Install IDBox.

Step#4: Open App Store.  You should see a new button at the screen bottom called ID Box, Tap it.

Step#5: You will see a list of Apple ID’s. Tap  the one you want to use.

Have you changed your Apple ID?

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