How To: Allow WhatsApp Calling Option for those with Root Access

WhatsApp Calling Option

Social chat platforms are increasingly becoming a big hit, and WhatsApp is among the most popular names today that is used in various platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. What differentiates it from other applications that serve as a social chat venue is that it does not have ads. Rather, they have an annual fee at a very low price of $0.99 – all so you can enjoy the experience without any unnecessary interruptions. Those who don’t want to pay also have the option to use the service for free – all you need to do is have a different number after one year of usage. Also, WhatsApp does not have a WiFi call option, which means that you can only communication with other people through text.

For those who want to have this WiFi call option, do not distress. Developers have created a means so that this option would also be available in WhatsApp – just make sure that the person that you are trying to call has also activated this feature through the procedure that we will teach you. To do this, you need the following:

  • WhatsApp that is at least version 2.11.508
  • Terminal emulator
  • A device with root access

Step by step guide to enable WiFi call option in WhatsApp:

  1. Check if your version of WhatsApp is at least 2.11.508. Otherwise, this procedure will not work
  2. Open terminal emulator
  3. Type:


am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp/HomeActivity




Now you can enjoy WiFi calling on WhatsApp! If you have clarifications or questions regarding the procedure, do not hesitate to ask through the comments section below.



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