Handling Wireless Chargers

Handling Wireless Chargers

Big Smart phones are now the most wanted smart phones by the consumers hence they are definitely not going anywhere, most of the smart phone users do prefer super sized smart phones. However having a big smart phone can lead to several issues and one of them is wireless charging which only seems to be trouble free but in reality this is the most troublesome job because you have to be very particular with how your phone is kept and several other things are there to be noted. Here is the list of few important points that can make wireless charging alot more easier.

  • wireless charging seems to be very easy and people think its all about the coil of your phone and the coil of your charging platter when it is definitely not about it, wireless charging takes alot more than these few simple steps
  • It sounds straightforward, but when the coil isn’t centered on your smart phone , an accidental knock can incidentally bring about the weight to move simply enough that your phone will charge no more.
  • It is far more disappointing for Nexus 6 owners because for them the curved coil and the flat one are required to be more precise because if the weight shifts during the time when you are asleep than the phone won’t charge and this big smart phone and wireless charging become a serious headache.


Solution To Charging Problems:

Here are few solutions that can help you escape these big phone wireless charging issues

  • First and foremost thing that can be done is that you make sure that the charging platter acts more or less like a holder to keep your gigantic phone in a place or buy one with a lot of coil arrangements.
  • Mini wireless charging pads and circular Qi pads may look good as decoration pieces for your table but they won’t be good enough to keep your phone in one place . However the dish shaped pads will easily get the task done in no time and will hold the super sized phone in one place.
  • Multi coil wireless chargers have proved to be the most helpful and efficient wireless chargers .
  • Chargers like these are manufactured to manage more phones and coils on top of another so that at least one of them may charge the phone.
  • There are two multi coil chargers that can make you life alot easier these are as follows
  1. Tylt Vu Charger
  2. Choe stadium.
  • These chargers are multi coiled and are specifically built to support devices ranging from Moto 360 up to Nexus 7. However if you do not prefer heavy design than Choe stadium with flat dock and three coils is the solution to your problem.

Wireless charging can be alot easier if you want to make it and this can be done by buying the right amount of accessories by searching the market and looking out for the best wireless charger you can, the people with enormous phones do not like less expensive chargers however if the right ones are bought than they can work for quite a long time.

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