A Guide to Sharing Files Between iPhone and Android Devices

Sharing Files Between iPhone and Android Devices

iPhone and Android are two very different ecosystems that have been dominating the smartphone market lately. These are two competing giants, and understandably, the two are not very compatible with each other. Apple has provided various restrictions in order to maintain its “exclusivity”. One example is file sharing – users cannot easily transfer files from an iPhone device to an Android device and vice versa, but it is not impossible. Thankfully, third party developers have existed and provided amazing ways for users to do this seemingly tedious task.


This article will give you a guide on how to transfer data between iPhone and Android devices. Note, however, that you will need the following things before you can successfully share files:

  • Download and install the FTP app in Google Play Store
  • Download and install Documents 5 from the Apple Store
  • Have a working internet connection

 How to share your files between iPhone and Android devices:

  1. Connect the iPhone and the Android device to the same IP. An alternative is to tether your network on your Android device and connect your iPhone to the network
  2. Install the FTP app on the Android device
  3. Install the Documents 5 app on the iPhone
  4. Open the server on Android
  5. Press the power button on the screen to begin or to stop
  6. Open Document 5 and click the second tab
  7. Click the FTP server in Document 5
  8. In the host bar, type the IP that can be find on your Android device and click Save
  9. The Camera Roll files will appear. Choose the folders and select Upload




If you encounter problems or if you have other questions, just type it in the comment section below.



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