Getting to know the new Google Photos both Android and web

The New Google Photos both Android and web

After being the part of Google+ for quite some time now, Photos have finally gotten their own app named Google Photos. Google Photos has adopted similar icon as well as some similar features from the old app. However it is also acquiring its own separate stature after being independent. The photos that you click need no google account and they can get a top-notch experience with this independent app.

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Google Photos for Android:

The new google photo app is highly understandable and easy with a fresh interface. Pictures will be listed in a vertical scrolling list, arranged according to the day they were taken. The app may already be filled up with the photos that were earlier uploaded to the old app Google + but the users have an option of viewing the google drive pictures as well.

By pinching in on the interface the user can reach an easy and comfortable viewing where the pictures acquire the entire width of the screen and if you pinch the interface one more time then you can reach to the single picture view. If you zoom out it will take you to the monthly view, again showing all the pictures if the interface id pinched once more than it will take you


Google are tricking its user and making it appear as if the photographs are local, although really they aren’t. Your gadget is storing  photographs in lower resolution  that are pertinent for your screen, so you have an access available to any photo  whenever you want without stacking up your cellphone’s storage capacity. Sadly unlike  Drive or Play Music there’s no real way to “pin” particular pictures, , and there’s really no real way to view what pictures are local and which ones aren’t.


Furthermore, in light of the fact that you’re seeing all of your photographs without a moment’s delay as opposed to simply your gadget’s photographs, you have to remember that when “deleting” things. If you delete a photograph on your cellphone then it implies that you simply erased it from your tablet, your other phone and the site. In the event that you go to erase a photograph on one gadget that was captured on another gadget  you’ll see a pop-up showing what you’re going to do, there’s no notice — that photograph is gone from every single place you shared it. Thankfully in the “trash” we can keep a record of deleted photographs for the users to restore up to 60 days.

Beside this there are few simple things that should be kept in mind while using google photos and those points are as follows

  • The interface is very simple, it offers a search button through which one can locate images by their date, people and even the subject matter.
  • There is also a + button available at the very top which helps in manually creating an album. If the pictures are selected before opting for the + option then the album or any other process will take place concerning only those images.
  • There is one hidden option which allows a long press and then the user can drag it to any direction for the selection of maximum pictures.
  • Photographs can also be edited using the basic set of editing tool. However they are not similar to that of the features available in Google + photos.
  • There is a new assistance pane that assists in showing the content of the image i.e. what is happening inside of that particular photograph.

Google Photos for Web:

Google Photos offers more or less similar features as compared to the android phone. We all have witnessed the google play music redesigned on web. Similarly google photos are a great example as well because the experience is same as that of the android app.

Following points will give a helpful insight about Google photos on web

  • Google photos on web offers a simplistic and basic view.
  • It doesn’t have any zoom in or zoom out  option
  • However the capacity is to view pictures is larger than that of the android app and not to forget the advantage of easy scrolling on computer.
  • The side bar as well as the assistant and collection options are still there.
  • The web settings are identical to the ones provided in android app.
  • There is an instant sharing button available but along with the picture it also shares the link where everyone can view all the content you shared.

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  • On web, the users have the option to get rid of the links they have shared previously which gives you the control of managing your photographs.
  • There is an added bonus on web that it has an add option by which one can easily upload new photographs.


Major changes in Google Photos:


Google has made some major changes, starting off with uploading pictures up to 16 MP and videos up to 1080p all for free. The Google photos support docs make it clear that any picture under 16MP will be uploaded in its full quality whereas pictures higher than 16 MP will be lowered down a bit and you will be acquainted with phrases like pictures are essentially similar or they are larger in size. One of the most important change that has been made is that you no longer require google account in order to access google photos this can be done without an account as well


However there is still room left for improvement especially concerning deleted images and finer tune settings. All in all it is a great step into the future and away from google + which has brought a lot of new and innovative options to make it more easily understandable.

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