Getting To Know Few Tips And Tricks Relating Samsung Galaxy S6

Last updated: August 3, 2020.

Few Tips And Tricks Relating Samsung Galaxy S6

Now that we have been in touch with both GS6 and S6 edge for a long while, there are few new tricks and tips that we have learned that can help you using the phone in a much better way. It is a great way of knowing your phone in a much better and detailed manner. Let us take a closer glance at all these new tips and tricks that can make your life a lot easier.


Starting off with the basic things, whenever someone buys a new phone the first and foremost thing that clicks in anyone’s mind is ripping it out of it box and start downloading apps from play store, which should not be the first thing. The first and foremost thing which clicks to no one is saving your fingerprint on your cellphone and probably charging it to its fullest capacity so that it may work in a much efficient way.


The next thing that you should play around is with your camera, Samsung S6 has one of the finest cameras even in auto mode and once you are completely acquainted with all the settings and mode it becomes much more fun. For example the sound and shot mode was pre-installed in several previous Samsung’s phone however it is not there in S6, you need to go around survey the modes and select the one which appeals you the most.


One should always have a quick charger , if you have the one with the adaptive fast charger box then it will definitely be very useful however if you want to stay at the top of your game, get a quick charger 2.0 which works pretty well and will always lead to an efficient result.

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There are a lot of other things to this camera than simply the Auto mode and some shooting choices — you can change a lot to get only the camera experience that you wished for. You can tweak a bit where features like recording settings are concerned and can change it for exactly how you like them, and once you ace a portion of the concealed settings like long-squeezing the viewfinder to save the exposure and focus you’ll transform into a photography genius with the GS6 in a matter of few minutes.


If you wished to spend more so that you can obtain the additional dough on a Galaxy S6 edge, you’ll need to receive more in return than simply few “oohs, ahhs”. The S6 edge has a couple of additional bits of programming that work in conjunction with the curved edges, and it’s not generally the most effortless thing to make sense of at first.


            No matter how many times you try or for how long you try you will always not be aware of everything on your phones there will be a lot of things that will still be unknown to you. So you can join different forums and discussion panels, participate in them to know more.


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