Getting acquainted with Samsung GS6 Active

Samsung GS6 Active

The News that Samsung and the carrier support company AT&T have set the partnership on plate in order to build ‘active ‘ Galaxy S, which is similar to its old counterparts in several aspects the inside of the phone has left untouched whereas the outlook consists of alot of plastic, rubber and resistance. IT has the same remarkable camera, there is alot of other feature i.e. it is water proof dust proof with the battery power of around 3500 mAh. Now let’s take a closer look at this new GS6 active in detail.



The hardware of this phone is different to that of the other counterparts. Although the usual shape is still very much present and not to forget the screen size is almost similar as well but these are the only things which is similar to the old one, the three buttons under the screen that used to be touch are now made physical which is actually quite same as that of S5 active. The bezels of the screen have increased, there is a difference around the edges because now once you put your phone screen down on table or something else it will not touch the flat surface. Few more important points about active’s outlook and display are as follows


  1. The difference in the edges of this Smartphone is due to the usage of hard plastic that protects the device from breaking or from severe damage if it falls down.
  2. The new rubber made inserts have been introduced that helps in making the grip stronger.
  3. The volume and power button are larger and easy to press.
  4. There is a new active key above the volume keys to load the apps you want.
  5. Moving towards the back of the phone, the camera lens is protected and covered by the bit of metal.
  6. The back is texturized that helps in the gripping the phone and prevent it from slipping from the hands
  7. The headset jack/ port has been now moved to the very top of the phone whereas the place of the USB port did not change.
  8. There are no flaps in SG6 active, this one is bit more thick, wide and tall than the usual Galaxy smart phones.
  9. The phone is made to be dust and water proof with also being shock resistant. It feels like an enormous army carrier but it is not and it won’t be a problem using it daily.



After reading the above points we are now well aware of the outer part now it is the time to have a closer look towards its inner parts. Following points will help you in getting your hands on the inner part.

  1. The internal part of GS6 has not changed dramatically , most of the features are still there.
  2. The display size of the phone is the same along with the processor and RAM. The storage space also has no change whatsoever.
  3. However the battery had gone few changes i.e. the battery is now larger which is around 3500 mAH which can work all day long.
  4. The fingerprint scanner near the home button has been eliminated, although it was not much of an issue having the feature around.
  5. Whereas the storage is concerned it is still 32GB storage. AT&T is not planning to offer 64 or 128 GB with a usual Galaxy model.
  6. The phone is considerably heavy than the others because of the additional rubber and plastic.
  7. The software is still the same i.e. the usual TouchWiz alongwith Android 5.0
  8. AT&T has contributed in moving Samsung to a tabled setting view which is similar to that of S5. The most irritating of it all is that there is no way to turn towards the standard way.
  9. One more change in Software is the activity zone, it is an app which includes weather, flashlight, barometer and several other options associated with a different icon.
  10. The active key that has also been mentioned above when pressed can lead to the activity zone and when held for a longer period of time it can lead to the music player as well. The settings can however change which app should press and long hold will load and this is especially for those who don’t prefer activity zone.

This the new GS6 active there is certainly more to come but leave your comments and questions in the comment box below



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