Getting Acquainted With Google Drive App In Order To Save Files In Photo Library

The Google Drive App

Google photos is one of the finest app popular for giving access to pictures you click from any other device possibly with a browser or the app itself. However Google photos can be a bit of black box where you are unaware of the fact that where are pictures, you can easily access anything and download any picture but the option to have a local copy as we upload the pictures sounds much matter. Let us take a closer look and see the ways to set this app along with the problems that will be faced.

Following steps should be followed in order to have a local copy of the uploaded picture:

  • Getting a local copy of the uploaded pictures do not come under the banner of feature however it can be seen at FAQ.
  • You can also manage to put the copy of pictures in your google drive, this can be done by opting for the option that says show google+ photos in google drive and if you are new to google photos then you will have to go to the setting of google driving, after that select the option which says create a google photos folder.
  • If you do so then soon enough you will see a folder named google photos with all the pictures of your google photos library.
  • The format of the folder is simple pictures can be sorted on the base of year, month and date.
  • The pictures that are seen in google drive will have same extensions and file name as that of the original uploaded picture.
  • However if you have edited any pictures in photo library those edits won’t be saved in these local files.
  • The next thing that is needed to be done is the process of copying these pictures down to the computer for the local copy using the desktop application of Google Drive which when downloaded will automatically start syncing all the photos to the computer. If you have no information about this app then this is an app that helps in creating a folder and syncing the files to the computer with cloud so that if there are any changes made on side then those changes can be reflected in other side as well.
  • If the user is running low on storage then all you to do is change the preferences and only sync the specific folders which are not that large.
  • However the google photos itself should not be too large as the years of backed up photos only takes 12 GB
  • This feature helps you in having a local copy of all the pictures that were ever uploaded and keeps a backup





The things that you can and cannot do with this feature are given below:

  • If you are not satisfied with the features and option of syncing and it does not quite do everything you want and desired for, may it be poor implementation or working out on tiny kinks.
  • If you upload a picture in photo library,you still have to do it via phone you cannot upload picture in Google Drive and expect it to appear in the library because this is not how it works.
  • However this may happen if you are deleting the pictures i.e. if you are deleting the pictures from drive they will disappear from the library as well.


The system is still I its early stages and is capable of performing every single function you want it to do. However it gets easier for those who have a grip on basics and what is going on behind the app and the ones who read and learn about it.

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