Getting acquainted with “assistant” in Google Photos

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Google photos has a lot to offer to its user that is getting difficult to wrap your head around it, but the new feature in Google photos is the answer to all your problem and that feature is the new “assistant”.  From checking your picture’s backup to managing the storage space Assistant will be the solution. Assistant is just a matter of single click, this feature will keep the users inform about any new updates. It is the solution to all the problems faced by Google Photos it is also considered to be very helpful and here is a closer look at it along with the steps of how to use it.

If you have newly started using Google Photos and you are rushing towards viewing the pictures only then there is a high chance that you will miss the assistant feature. The only thing you have to do in order to avail this feature is to swipe right after opening the app across the main gallery. As it has already been mentioned above it is like the best go-to feature and has been correctly named as it will keep the user informed about every significant happening of the app. The app will notify you when the pictures are being backed up or whenever there are new updates available. It will also notify when the app will be running low on the internal storage which is not a major issue and can be easily solved by a simple tap and opting for the options that claims to remove the backed up photos.

Google cards will be offered when the pictures are being backed up; the cards are not something very difficult to understand. You can avail the option offered by the card with the help of a simple tap or you can just ignore it and get rid of it by swiping. Warning notifications can’t be swiped for e.g. the battery upload warning. However it will go away once the action has been completed.

There will be times when Assistant will have nothing to update you on in that moment all you can do is go to settings and turn on the notifications; these notifications are the standard device notification that will keep you updated with all the new and worthy updates. However with the help of Assistant you will never cease to feel left out or not up to date.

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