How-To: Get A Wifi Tether On A Rooted Carrier Android Phone (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon) For Free

Get A Wifi Tether On A Rooted Carrier Android Phone

A Wi-Fi tether is a handy thing to have when you are at work or even just hanging with friends.  However, if you have a carrier Android device, one from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon, you have to pay a fee for tether service – usually.

While you usually have to pay for tether service on a carrier device, we have a way that you can get Wi-Fi tether for free.  Just follow along with our guide below.


Get Free Wifi Tether on Rooted AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Android:

  1. This method will only work on a rooted device, so before moving on, make sure that you have root access on your phone.
  2. Install the two apk files that you downloaded.
  3. When installation is finished, open Xposed Installer and from there, select Framework> Install Updates
  4. You should see a pop-up from Superusers asking you to grant permission. Tap to grant.
  5. When installation is completed tap on cancel. You might be asked to restart the device, don’t do it first.
  6. Go to the Xposed Installer menu and select modules.
  7. In modules, make sure that the Moto Tether is checked on.
  8. Reboot the device.


Do you have WiFi Tether on your rooted carrier device?

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