What To Do: If You Get “Error While Searching For Network” On Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Last updated: March 28, 2020.

 “Error While Searching For Network”

Samsung Galaxy device users often face the common problem of getting an “Error while searching for network” message.  This error comes up when we face a Not Registered on Network issue or other problems with the network provider.

In the guide we’ve posted below, we are going to show you how you can fix the “Error while searching for network on a Samsung Galaxy Device.

Fix error while searching for network on Samsung Galaxy Devices:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. From settings, go to Mobile Networks.
  3. In the Mobile Network menu, press the home and power button simultaneously and keep them pressed until the device is turned off.
  4. Check that the device is completely turned off and then remove the battery.
  5. Press the home and power button simultaneously 10 times.
  6. Press and hold the home and power button simultaneously and hold them down for 2 or 3 mins.
  7. Put the battery back in and then turn the device back on.  But don’t put the back cover on yet.
  8. When the device is booted up, remove and then insert the sim card.  Do this 3 times.
  9. Put the back cover back on and then restart the device.  You should find that the ”error while searching for network ” issue is now gone.

Have you encountered the “error while searching for network” issue?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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