Comparing Gallery vs Camera App Nexus 5

Nexus 5 Gallery and Camera App Competition

Gallery vs Camera App Nexus 5 as Nexus 5 came with two apps – called Gallery and Photos – to manage your media files.Many people are wondering why this is so, and what the use is for two apps with the same function. For those who have been bothered by this question, here are some points that may enlighten you about this.

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Gallery vs Camera App Nexus 5: Which app is better?

Overlapping features:

  • Gallery and Photos both let you open your local photos
  • The two apps also lets you access the photos in your Google+ account, which may be in your uploaded albums or in your auto backup folder.
  • The two apps lets you share photos to social networking sites.
  • The Gallery app and Photos app also lets you crop your images, add frames, and apply filters

The differences:

  • The Gallery app has a better built in photo editor as it has more pictures
  • The Gallery app only lets you view Google+ photos, whereas the Photos app allows you to manage the contents of your Highlights folder.
  • The Photos app also gives you the capability to make auto awesome videos.
  • The Gallery app is directly linked with the Camera. From the Camera app, you can swipe left and Gallery will be the default app used to view your photos.





The reason for two photo apps on the Nexus 5

  • The Gallery app is under the Open Source Project of the Android ecosystem. This means that all Android devices will automatically have the Gallery app. In short – it is inescapable.
  • The Photos app is not distributed under the Open Source Project of Android.
  • Other manufacturers may opt to include their own app for the Gallery and Camera, whereas others go with the default available for Android
  • There is no way for Google to uninstall Gallery from its devices, so Google designed its own Photos app to go along with the Nexus 5.


Gallery vs Camera App Nexus 5,deciding which application to use

Now you already know the reason for the two apps, but have you decided yet which one is actually useful for you? As mentioned earlier, the Gallery app is there to say, whether you like it or not. It might be best to keep it as the main media source, mostly because it is the one that is directly integrated with your phone’s Camera app, plus it gives you the basic functionalities that are also provided by the Photos app. It also has more advanced editing capacities, which makes it a great option.


On the other hand, if you are very particular about needing to use the Highlights folder as well as making an Auto Awesome Video, then the Photos app would be ideal.


It is still understandably confusing for some people, so it would be much better if Google could find a way to merge the two applications together (or their functionalities). That way, users of the Nexus 5 will not be confused as to which is the better app.


Have you encountered the same confusion?

Gallery vs Camera App Nexus 5 Which among the two apps works better for you?


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