Forgot Password Or Screen Lock?

Here are two ways to unlock your device even if you forgot your password or screen lock codes.

There are many ways to protect your phone with Google Android operating system. We use a screen lock or a password to secure our phone. But what might happen if we forget those codes?


Method 1 – Android OS General Solution


You can retrieve your password, PIN or unlock model with Google Android. You only have 5 attempts to do so. When the 5-limit is reached, you will have to reset your password. If the setting is valid, you can set a new PIN or password.

However, if you totally forgot a lock pattern, you will need a hard reset.


Method 2 – Screen Lock Bypass


There is an app that allows you to unlock PINs or patterns if your device does not have the option to reset the password. This app is called the Screen Lock Bypass.


You can install this app to your device even if you have lost access to your it due to forgotten PIN or password. You can log in to Play Store with your PC. Then, install the app using a USB cable. This application serves as a temporary lock for your phone and will allow you to reset your PIN or lock pattern. With this app, you can bypass the locked screen and go on reboot. It will give you access to the backup of your device’s data.


You can also install the app directly if the Wi-Fi of your device is turned on. It will immediately download straight to your Android.




This app works on almost all Android phones. It comes for free. But there is also a better app that cost around $4, the Screen Lock Bypass Pro. Moreover, this app allows you to bypass screen lock even without access.


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