Five Of The Best Free Proxy Apps For Android Devices

The Best Free Proxy Apps

The internet is about openness and is a place where one can do almost whatever they want without restrictions.  The internet provides people with the opportunity to explore big things and is a place where inventions have been made and discoveries ahve taken place.  On the internet, innovation can be taken to a whole new level.

Some countries blocked or restricted access to certain websites such as YouTube, Facebook and even Google.  If you are in a country that restricts your access to some of these sites and you have an Android device, however, you can get beyond these restrictions by using a Proxy App.

A Proxy App basically allows you to appear as someone else.  It means that these apps change your IP address and connect you to the web with another IP address.  Through this new IP address, you can connect and access all sites that would be blocked if you tried to access them with your original IP address.

In this post, were going to share with your five of the best proxy apps for Android devices.  Not only do these proxy apps allow you to access blocked sites – they are also available for you for free.

  1. Hotspot Shield VPN


This one of the most popular ones for Android.  This can be used on most of the devices out there as it is very flexible.  Hotspot Shield can unblock any blocked site and even allows its users to access any blocked social messaging apps.  This app protects your web identity and keeps your privacy at a maximum secure level.


There are two variants available for the Hotspot Shield app.  The first is free and the second is Pro.  Freeware can have some ads and limited features while Pro is ad free.


You can get this app on the Google Play Store here.

  1. Spotflux


Spotflux is an app that was only released a few years ago, originally for desktop PCs and laptops.  A version for Android became available on the Google Play Store just last year.

Spotflux has a nice, user friendly UI.  It also comes in a free or pro version.  You can search for this app on the Google Play Store or just follow this link.


  1. Hideman VPN


This app allows users to have 5 hours a week during which they can access blocked websites.  If you want more hours of access, you can earn them by completing ad surveys on the app.  There is also an option to purchase extra hours.

Hideman is a great working app, which accounts for its popularity even with its “limitations”.  You can find and download this app from here.

  1. VPN One Click


Like its name implies, this is a one-click app.  It allows you to connect to another IP address and hide your network details.  VPN One Click has servers plugged in different countries to ensure surfing is easy and secure.

VPN One Click is available in a number of platforms – not just Android.  It can also work on IOS and Windows, among others.  You can get it for an Android device here.

  1. AppCobber-One Tap VPN


This is the least popular of these five apps but it’s a nice alternative.  App Cobber is a one-tap VPN application that connects users anonymously over the internet or through a U.S. based server.

There are no bandwidth limitations with the AppCobber and it will work with any Android device with Android 2.x+.  You can get this app here.


Have you used any of these apps?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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