Finest Password Managers for Android

A Look of the Finest Password Managers for Android

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As we are advancing the number of accounts we use is also increasing day by day with appealing new social platforms people want to be the part of each and every site that means there will be huge pile of passwords to be remembered. If you still follow the sticky notes tradition then now is the time to let it go because android has launched amazing apps for you that will take care of those passwords and even help you in creating new ones that are impossible to crack.

Following are few of the best password managing apps let’s take a closer look at them:


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  • This is one of the best password managing apps.
  • With its new looks and features it is reaching the top of the leader board.
  • It helps you in securing your account, payment, bank passwords along with your syncs from your drop box account or any other app you choose to sync your data from.
  • It allows you to visit websites and auto fill the data, it also allows you to manually copy the information and paste it at any other app you want.
  • Since your own storage and sync account is used this means there is no subscription required you just have to pay 7.99$ one time and then you can avail each and every feature you want



  • It is one of the pioneers of password management apps.
  • It has every single feature you wish for.
  • It allows you to cross sync, generate passwords and save passwords .
  • For added amount of security LastPass allows finger print scanning GS6 for authentication.
  • It has a two week free trial but then after that you will have to pay 1$ per month which is not at all expensive with everything it has to offer.
  • The only real downer is its chrome extension which is functional but not very good at what it does.


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  • It is one of the few finest android password manager apps.
  • It is available at the rate of 9.99$ however the same app for windows and Mac cost 19.99$ you will just have to pay it once after that you will be completely liberated to use any feature or any option you want.
  • Starting off with the features it allows you the industry level encryption, the data is completely safe it offers several different paths to manage the passwords.
  • You can have you data sync with your drop box account or if you have a private Wi-Fi the data will remain secure and protected within the devices despite of the security provided by your cloud account.
  • The latest version of this app lets you browse and also support tablet it also lets you to bring in information from other password app manager.

Dash lane:

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  • This app offers cross syncing option and it also provides you with industry level encryption of your data.
  • It can also actually store other stuff except passwords for example your credit card information and ID’s.
  • It is a secured password manager app it lets you manually copy and paste the passwords, blocks the screenshots and it has its own browsing through which you can auto fill data and keep your accounts secure and safe.
  • This app is free for all the basic features but if you want to unlock cross syncing and cloud back up then you will have to pay 29 $ per year, it’s quite expensive than other option available but then again it is also worth it.

SafeInCloud Password Manager:

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  • As the name refers if you have Google drive, one Drive or drop box account this app will keep your passwords secure and safe with high level of encryption and it can also be used to create passwords and check their strengths.
  • It is for 7.99$ and on Mac and Windows it is free and you can synchronize everything.
  • It also has a desktop site which allows you to import your data from any other platform for a quick and safe start.

Enpass Password Manager

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  • It has all the features that you have been reading in the above apps.
  • It has a very simplistic user interface; the passwords in this app are kept according to their specified categories.
  • The app gets locked whenever you stop using it. The app clears your clipboard after 30 secs of use for additional security.
  • You can sync your data from any account you want, may it be Google drive or one drive.
  • It also has a password generation option that lets you create a password while setting up new accounts.
  • The full version of this app is available for free however if you want the premium version you will have to pay around 9.99$



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Now the choice is yours choose any of the following password managers or if you know about any new ones that are not mentioned here then write to us in the message box below.


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