Evaluating the Much-Awaited Chrome for Android

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Android fans would be very pleased to know that Chrome would now be a part of their system. The Chrome for Android current version is still running on beta so there are still a lot of not-so-good things that could be said about it. Nevertheless, Chrome performs excellently and will undoubtedly become the best browser for your devices, especially as it works for phones and tablets alike.

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Chrome for Android Review

The good points:

  • Chrome for phones is largely similar to the one used for desktop computers.
  • It has a lot of features such as the bookmark synchronization, a list of your most visited web pages, and an access to open it on other devices. The last feature is super awesome because it lets you free from the hassle of looking for your opened tabs again or storing them somewhere so that you could hope it in the other device. This can be done by simply tapping the icon at the bottom right when you click the “new tab” option





  • You can do tabbed browsing, and you can navigate between these tabs by swiping to the left or right. You also have the option to use the card view to navigate between tabs.
  • Chrome’s performance is fast and The web pages are easily readable even without zooming.
  • Chrome allows you to zoom on a specific text.




  • It has a lot more cool features such as the ability to preload web pages and manage your bandwidth. Other features include password saving and privacy settings, among many others.




The points to improve

  • The “swipe to move to another tab” option does not always work as expected. You may have to repeatedly swipe for it to finally register what you want to do. But this may be an issue with the case of your phone, so it’s still good to double check if it affects this feature or not.
  • The “zoom on a text” feature works only on sites that have a lot of links such as Reddit.
  • Chrome for Android does not have a UA string modification. Chrome should let the users have the option to see the desktop version for any site.
  • Another very disappointing downside is that Chrome for Android has no Adobe Flash Player.


The verdict

The newly-released Chrome for Android is the answer to everyone’s prayers. It works excellently, and given that the current version is still beta, users could expect a lot more improvements along the way. It would be best if Chrome would be able to provide the full version of websites rather than just a mobile version. Of course, if it would have an Adobe Flash Player. These limitations are minor (for some, at least) and you can easily solve it by a backup browser, and it does not erase the fact that Chrome is still the best browser for Android right now. It has a lot of features that other browsers can only hope of having or executing properly.

What do you think about the much-awaited release of Google Chrome?



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