Evaluating the HTC One X, the Best Phone in the Market Now

HTC One X Review

People have been buzzing with excitement over the release of the HTC One X. The phone was released in April 2012, and so far it is really exceptional. Here’s a quick review for you to know why:


The good points:


  1. Design

  • The dimensions of the HTC One X are as follows: 5.29-inch height, 2.75-inch width, and a 0.35” depth.
  • The phone weight 4.6 ounces.
  • It has a unibody design that makes it drop proof
  • The front has Gorilla Glass 2, further protecting the phone from unwanted circumstances
  • It is also scratch free, even as you purposely scrappy your nail on it. Some reviewers say that the phone scratches a bit when you drop it, but that’s understandable and a much better deal than what you get from other phones.
  • Back part of the phone is made of rubberized polycarbonate that makes the phone rippable and feels smooth to touch. The edges are also very rippable



  • You can find the camera at the back and beside it is the LED. Still on the back, at the bottom portion, is the speaker with five pogo pins on its right.




  • There are three capacitative buttons at the bottom of the screen for Recent Apps, Back, and Home
  • On the right side of the phone is the volume rocker
  • Moreover, you can find the microphone on the bottom right, and on the top right is the headphone jack and another microphone. To the left are the power button and the microUSB port.


  1. Display

  • The HTC One X has a 4.7-inch screen with a 1280×720 display
  • The screen is crisp and sharp, plus does not smudge easily
  • The colors are vibrant and it has excellent viewing angles, even better than Samsung’s
  • It has exceptional automatic brightness. The screen is easily readable even on a sunny day outside




  1. Camera

  • It has an 8mp camera and video is up to 1080p
  • Photos are high-quality
  • Loading time of the camera is fast, and snapping pictures are also remarkably fast. Unlike other phones that take a long time to load and has a lot of delays in taking photos, the HTC One X does not disappoint.





  1. Battery life

  • The One X has 1,800mAh battery
  • The battery life of the HTC One X is very remarkable. It easily lets you have nearly a whole day of use or approximately 17 hours even for moderate power users (WiFi plus automatic brightness plus music with headphones plus games plus web browsing, calls, texts, and email.
  • This kind of battery life has significantly improved from previous models


  1. Software




  • The HTC One X is the first Tegra 3 device.
  • The CPU us 1.5Ghz quad core
  • It runs on Android 4.0.3 and has 1 GB of RAM
  • The HTX One X is not bloated, unlike other devices. It comes with useful applications like social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) and other helpful apps such as Flashlight
  • It has Car Mode, which automatically opens when you place the phone on its official dock. The dock uses pogo pins, and the Car Mode app is user-friendly.
  • The use of Tegra 3 on the HTC One X largely benefits the device. Performance of the One X is exemplary, thanks to the two extra cores that it has


  1. Other features

  • The HTC One X has 32 GB of internal storage, and the users have 25 GB available to use.
  • Sense 4.0 is something that you eventually like the more you use it. It has also improved a lot in terms of functionality. Widgets and apps are all placed in Sense, as well as other functions such as dialer and manually linking the accounts. The browser on Sense is also great and works smoothly.




  • You can customize the Sense 4.0 for the lock and home screen. This can be done by changing the texture and color


The points to improve:

  • It has both capacitative keys and software keys because the OS of the HTC One X is designed for software keys. The menu button comes as a software key, instead of being capacitive.
  • 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi had some issues at first but these were easily fixed with HTC’s OTA update
  • Sense 4.0. Sense looks better on its advertisements than in reality. Some things are very disappointing, such as the fact that the translucent status bar on the home screen which becomes a solid color in other apps


The verdict




The HTC One X is a remarkable piece of device – probably the best in the market right now – that can easily compete with the flagship devices of Samsung. This smartphone device is undoubtedly a high-quality phone that any user will love.

The build quality and design of the phone is exceptional, not to mention the amazing screen and the smooth performance it provides. Even the camera is excellent; it loads quickly and takes photos in the blink of an eye, saving you from the usual annoyance that is common with other smartphones when loading the camera.

Also, the device gives you enough storage space and it has no software bloat – everything included in the package is functional and useful for you. Save for a few not-so-good points of the Sense 4.0, HTC One X is a phone that is highly recommendable, and one that you should definitely try.

On a brave moment, the HTC One X is the best smartphone available at the moment. It would easily pale other competitors, especially with the kind of performance that it provides. Go try it so that you will see and experience this greatness as well.


Have you bought your own HTC One X?

What do you think of its quality and performance?


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