Evaluating the Asus Transformer Prime – A Notch Higher in Its Kind

Asus Transformer

Asus is stepping up its game with the release of the Asus Transformer Prime. Here are some of the things that you need to know about it:

Asus Transformer




  • Asus Transformer Prime is a 10.1-inch device that is equipped with Gorilla Glass
  • The device is slim (as in 8.3-mm thin) and the aluminum design makes it look very classy
  • The phone comes in appealing colors of amethyst gray and champagne gold.
  • It also has a lightweight at 1.29 pounds, which is very favorable





  • The Asus Transformer Prime is the first tablet to have a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. It also has a 12 core GPU.
  • It has 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • The tablet runs on Android 3.2.1, which will soon be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0
  • The performance of the tablet goes way beyond all expectations – it works amazingly well.
  • Browsing is fast regardless of whether your plugins are enabled or not.
  • Gaming is also smooth, both graphically and performance-wise. Glowball and Da Vinci Riptide GP both play well in the device.




Battery life

  • Battery life of the Asus Transformer Prime is great even with its huge power.
  • Based on actual tests done, the tablet has 10 hours of battery life when playing a 720p video with the WiFi on, occasionally checking Gmail and Browser, playing videos on YouTube, playing Angry Birds, and while using Polaris Office and SuperNote.
  • It has 15.5 hours of battery life on keyboard dock when streaming videos through WiFi. In this scenario, Gmail, Browser, YouTube, Angry Birds, Polaris Office, and SuperNote are also being used.


Other features

  • It has a microSD card slot for 32gb or 64gb of additional storage
  • The device comes with a dock that is also thin and light like the tablet, and with a rubberized texture.




  • The power settings are as powerful as the ones found in a laptop. It lets you choose between the normal, balanced, and power saver modes.
    • Normal mode gives you the highest kind of performance. Everything – the apps and drivers – run at full speed
    • Balanced mode limits the CPU to 1.2 GHz
    • Power saver mode limits the CPU to 1 GHz for single or dual core modes, 700 MHz for three core modes, and 600 MHz for all four cores.
  • The Asus Transformer Prime has an 8MPrear camera and a 1.2 MP front camera
  • It also has a microHDMI port


The verdict




The Asus Transformer Prime is by far one of the best tablets in the market right now. It is aesthetically beautiful – even better than its predecessor, and it performs reliably well. The battery life is also remarkable despite the extra power of the four cores.


You can buy the 32 GB variant of the tablet for $499, while the 64 GB variant price at $599. The dock, meanwhile, costs $149.


There are so many things to love about the Asus Transformer Prime – you just have to try it!

Do you have your own Transformer Prime already?

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