Evaluating Cheapcast as a Replicate of Chromecast

Replica of Chromecast: The Cheapcast

Chromecast is one of the cheapest devices of its kind in the market, but within only one day the device is sold out online and even in Best Buys. And with three to four long weeks to go for the next shipment (based on Google Play’s estimation), some would-be buyers are left seeking for alternatives to get their hands on the devices (or a replica of it). One such means is through CheapCast, which is a free app developed by Sebastian Mauer. CheapCast lets your device (provided that it’s Android) replicate the functionalities of Chromecast.


How it Functions

It functions well and is pretty easy to set up – the fact is, CheapCast completely skips the setup phase of Comcast because your Android device is already connected to Wi-Fi. Here are the simple steps to activate CheapCast:
1. Plug in your tablet to your television’s HDMI port
2. Activate the service through the button found in the top right corner


That’s it. No other shenanigans that will keep you confused or annoyed. Once you’ve completed the above procedures, you can easily see the CheapCast app from YouTube and enjoy your video streaming. Of course, experiences may vary between users and depending on the device that you are using.


The Downsides of CheapCast

Below are the identified downsides with the CheapCast app:
– It does not support tab casting. This may be problematic especially for some users who actually prefer to use their tab for streaming.
– The device determines the video quality produced by the app. Thus, it will vary per user.
– Chromecast is selected by many people because it can easily be hidden behind the television. Some people would complain about plugging in the tablet to an HDMI port because it keeps it visible and therefore would look messy in front of or next to the television.

This may be solved by using a dock so that the device would have a place to stay if it is plugged into the port. But that would mean spending more money than the amount that you would actually spend on Chromecast. For those who use a small smartphone rather than a tablet, this situation can be addressed by placing the phone at the back of the television.


Is it Recommendable?

For those who are running out of options and/or are really desperate to get their hands on their own Chromecast, then the CheapCast is right for you. It easily allows you to have your very own television set up that is Android-based. The market for the CheapCast app are those who dock their devices often, and for those who have several devices that skipping on Chromecast will really let them save some money. But truth be told, Chromecast is still a cheaper option.
Are you one of those people under CheapCast’s market? Tell us about your experiences!


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