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Evaluating The EasyHome on LG G4

If you have just started using smartphone or if you are new to LG G4, EasyHome is the answer to your problems. Your home screen is undoubtedly the very first thing you look at while you open your phone or even close it. When you tends to unlock your screen or press the home button, all of this procedure is done with the help of an app called a launcher. There are several kinds of launchers and LG LG4 has been using pretty standards one however EasyHome is definitely a step in right direction.  EasyHome has been made simpler with huge icons so that it is easy to touch and load them. EasyHome is a consumer friendly launcher; let’s take a detailed look at this new innovative launcher.


The launcher settings can be easily altered to EasyHome with the help of settings.  The homescreen option is right under the display tab with all its highlighted specifications. When you select EasyHome, you will be directed to your new homescreen which will certainly have a lot different outlook from what you are accustomed of watching usually.

Options offered by EasyHome:

Following are several new options offered by EasyHome which will help in personalizing your home screen.

  • In EasyHome there is no smart widget it has been exchanged with a much simpler weather and time widget. Clicking on the weather will direct you to the weather app whereas tapping on time will take you to the clock.



  • Dock is also bit changed than usual, the usual for app and six dot bar that lead you to your app has now been eliminated and is exchanged by a grid that contains the app shortcuts. Another bar has also been provided at the right side of the screen where you can easily place new app shortcuts and can remove the ones you don’t want with the long tap and you will see a pop-up asking if you want to remove or replace the app. You can opt for whatever option suits to and your needs the best.
  • There are 12 grids available that fulfills the responsibility of a call log shortcut. You can easily drag your favorite contact to that bar or remove it by pressing it for a long time and then taping remove.


  • The most prominent option available in EasyHome is its supersized icons, if you are not contented with your too large or to small icons then go to setting and then display tap on the font sizes, here you will be given a choice between font sizes. All you have to do is pick one according to your needs.
  • If you want to change the wallpaper replace it with something from your photo gallery then what you will have to do is go to settings in the home screen then to display and click wallpaper here you will have a lot of option from the usual default ones to your own phone gallery from which you can opt for any wallpaper you like may it be your own family picture.


  • Once you select the picture you want as your wallpaper you will be directed to gallery app icon where you will be asked to crop the picture. Once you have cropped it and is satisfied with the framing, press Ok displaying on the screen. While setting it as your wallpaper you will come across an option for saving it as your lock screen too if you want to do so, tap on the lock screen box and then tap yes. When you are done with all the settings and framing , head back to your home screen and see how it looks.

EasyHome is a very helpful launcher, once the user gets use to the EasyHome launcher you can step ahead and try out the more complicated regular home launchers with bunch of widgets and icons that gives you the sole control of the screen. However for now get use to the EasyHome launcher.

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