How to Download the Most Recent Version of Odin3 (v3.10.6)

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Most Recent Version of Odin3 (v3.10.6)

Odin3 is a flashtool used by Samsung that lets users load system files (such as Bootloader) and stock firmware. Odin is particularly useful in the following instances:

  • Issues in firm upgrade
  • Soft bricking of your device
  • Open custom recoveries
  • Your phone gets into bootloop
  • Failure of Samsung Kies to fix soft bricking.
    • In this case, all you have to do is download the firmware.tar or firmware.tar.md5 and utilize Odin to flash it
  • Provide root access to a Samsung device by aiding in the flashing of the CF-Autoroot of Chainfire


The most recent version of Odin 3 is version 3.10.6, which can be downloaded here. This version is stable and works perfectly – and it comes with a new interface. Another link to download this latest version can be found here or here.


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