Download Modded Apk WhatsApp Plus 4.45D

Download Modded Apk

Messaging apps are becoming popular nowadays. whatsApp Plus v4.45D is one of the popular messaging apps used by smartphone users. The app is available for all types of smartphones. To be able to send a message through WhatsApp, you need a 3G or WiFi connection. With this app, you can send pics, messages, videos and other types of media. If you try it, you get a 1 year trial for free. After that, $0.99 USD will be charged to you annually, so download modded Apk WhatsApp Plus 4.45D now!

  • There is no hidden cost when you use WhatsApp. You can send unlimited messages or multimedia messages to any person in your contact list, of course with the use of an internet connection through 3G or WiFi.


  • You can send any multimedia to your contacts may it be voice, images or video.
  • Also you can create group conversations with your friends or contacts.


  • No additional cost is charged even when you send messages to friends internationally. You can also send multimedia messages to them without charges.


  • Using the app does not require any PINs and usernames. They simply use your phone number and can sync all the existing contacts in your phone book.


  • You can also stay connected all day long. No need to go offline and online again.


  • The contact list in your phone book is automatically synced to the app. You can also find out which of your contacts have WhatsApp Messenger too.


  • If a message is sent while you are still offline, you can still retrieve them once you use the app again.


  • Other WhatsApp features include custom wallpapers, share location, custom notifications sounds, exchange contacts, actual message time stamps, landscape mode, broadcast messages, email chat history and MMS.

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You can download WhatsApp Plus 4.45D modded app online.

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Download Modded Apk

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