Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S6 And HTC M9

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S6 And HTC M9 Comparison

After going through the specifications of both HTC M9 and GS6 inside out, let us have a little discussion on what are the differences between the leading android smartphones. After a month of using both the devices and getting to know them properly here is what we have come up with.  Let us take a closer look at our findings and see where the difference lies. HTC A1


When it comes to hardware let’s see which one do you find most appealing,

  1. SAMSUNG GS6 vs HTC One M9
  • Initially you may feel uncomfortable holding GS6 and find it to be extremely thin or sharp, but after spending few days with it. You will get along with the phone really well.
  • However where M9 is concerned it is surely not a lot different from it predecessor smartphones
  • The look of GS6 is enticing, but M9 is too convenient
  • There is an option of glossy glass in Galaxy S6 the plastic may as well be nothing but high quality plastic, but it does not matter that much. When it comes down to M9 there is a choice of matte metal.
  • Both of the smartphones kind of represent two totally different language however both of them represent it very well in their own special way.
  • If there is a carrier store and we see both HTC one M9 and GS6 lying side by side most of us would generally go for the GS6 it has an edge over M9 when it comes to the display.
  • There are certain disadvantages that do not go in the favor of the phone for example in HTC one M9 the plastic parts has not been hidden well, the front part of the phone and the speaker cover-up is apparently made of even more plastic than its predecessors.
  • HTC has one most visible down side i.e. its metal body that was aimed to make it easier to hold however it has made it a bit tacky by giving it a plastic feel.
  • There is no plastic to be seen in GS6 on the outside everything that you come in contact with is either metal or glass, it has completely gotten rid of the polycarbonate. There are no visible plastic coatings which is a huge leap forward on the road to success.
  • M9 has done pretty good job but GS6 has blown away our minds with amazing with QHD super AMOLED.
  • Both of these phones were released at the same time having same cost but both appeals to different set of people. The ones looking for tough, rugged and industrial exterior will definitely go for M9 but ones who are going for more fragile, sophisticated and flashy exterior will go with GS6.
  • M9’s sharper front and metal draped all around the back has made it easier to hold however the same cannot be said about the glass exterior.
  • You will not be discontented with M9 however if you start comparing both M9 and GS6 displays it can get bad.




  • Both HTC and Samsung smartphones have kept a mute version, both the phones have their own separate way to give lock screen notifications.
  • However Samsung again has taken an edge over here because for some people it is easier to get acquainted with Sense.
  • The look, feel and the lightning speed of HTC M9 is very appealing as compared to GS6 who has been under some serious criticism when it comes to Touchwiz and the results are evident, gone are ostentatious knobs and dials along with the visual cruft.
  • Some people may still believe to go for Sense because it did not go under such scrutinizing and did pretty well on its own. Sense has handed over the complete charge to the users as they can customize the themes according to their needs and wants.
  • Sense has however failed to compete with time , as the android is evolving days after days the next update of Sense will be requiring a great design repair so that it can go hand in hand with the time and offer a lot of new features.
  • However where Touchwiz is concerned it has gone under two major updates and despite its neon and blues all the other features work just fine. Samsung will need to go on updating and matching with time.


Samsung vs HTC:

  • M9 takes the edge over GS6 where battery life is concerned, GS6 users will have to charge their phone before leaving for their office and their battery will hardly make it to the dinner but M9 will go through all the day. One of the phone does not totally out do other but yes when it comes to the battery life M9 does a fair job.
  • M9 has a snapdragon 810; on the other hand Gs6 has to do with 2,550 mAh which does not match any of the range of the average flagship smartphone.
  • HTC evidently has extra battery capacity to keep up with the user, however there are phones like Sony that can keep running for 2 days too.
  • HTC enjoys the advantage of a bigger battery which is actually 15% bigger and can keep up with an average daily usage of 15 to 20% fairer then that of Galaxy S6
  • The user will get to enjoy around 16-18 hours on their M9 whereas the Galaxy S6 will hardy get pass through 14 hours.
  • If you are not near the charger and are doing some heavy duty work i.e. streaming or using hotspot M9 will somehow make it through whereas GS6 may fall flat on its face.


Samsung vs HTC

  • The camera war has been hands down won by Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • It has shown the potential of living up to the expectations of the user, though the picture quality will not be amazing in every single photograph however that is not the fault of the camera but the photographer. Samsung provides enough usable shots.
  • Samsung has brought major changes to the camera providing all the major and secondary features.
  • Whereas HTC is concerned it has not lived up to the expectations and is still struggling its way out.
  • This is no serious war or competition, but Samsung has fared well where its camera is concerned however HTC has a history of flaws when it comes to their camera app which has magnified now.
  • Conclusively one can take amazing shots with M9 but with right set of modes, settings, shutter speed and exposure however the GS6 will take amazing shot every single time.
  • GS6 has an ability to capture amazing pictures under any circumstances and in auto mode as well. HTC A2
  • The ability to load the camera app within seconds by just tapping the home button adds to its glory making it one of the finest smartphone cameras to date.
  • Whereas in M9 there is a great deal of improvement required because it cannot take good pictures without manual settings and change of modes manually which annoys most of the people and they would prefer GS6 camera over this.



  • The fingerprint scanner is a mess in most of the phones , people get easily frustrated when their smartphones rejects the very same finger print and does not open, for people like these GS6 is a blessing because its finger print scanner do not cause any trouble at all.
  • Galaxy has fared well in providing a top notch quality phone with amazing features and no lags along with the amazing camera, however there is one compromise to be made on its battery life which cannot over shadow the good aspects of this phone and someone like me will happily spend enough money to buy a good wireless charger so that it can be carried around anywhere and the compromise that you make with GS6’s battery won’t be that big of a deal.
  • However the M9’s faults and weaknesses are much more enhanced and evident, the overall look does not seem to fit well and HTC had a potential to do a far better job at this releasing the images of M9 and M9+ before the launch was of no help either.
  • The display of M9 is bit dull compared to its previous phones and the battery life is a definite plus point making it a long lasting phone. The only thing that is downer and will probably be the reason of turning the customers away will be its camera which is not as good as compare to the phones in this price range.
  • Most of the users are however happy with no major changes in the outlook and are satisfied with the subtle changes that have been made e. the front part and the metal back which makes it easier to hold. The idea of having buttons was not that good, but the shifting of power button to the side was a good idea indeed.
  • Samsung has changed drastically however according to my point of view M9 did not make any big of an error by not changing their phones dramatically.


Feel free to send in any comment or query in the message box below and fill us in with your own experience and tell us if this was of any help or not.


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