Delete WhatsApp Voice Messages

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Delete WhatsApp Voice Messages

WhatsApp has released one of its newest features, that is the push-to-talk voice messages. It allows users to communicate using only the data connection. They no longer need to type their messages. They simply use their voice to send the message.

However, there are times when users would want a little privacy for themselves. Most of them think that by deleting the sent messages, they can erase it completely so that others won’t have access to those message any longer. But that does not actually work because WhatsApp has its own directory where it saves all the data stored in it and that directory can be accessed by anybody. The following methods will let you go through the process of deleting WhatsApp voice messages entirely.

Completely Deleted Voice Messages

Deleting voice messages used to be just as easy as selecting the message and hitting the delete button. But not for this one, so here are the steps to follow.


  1. Go to My Files or the File Manager of your device. Open the WhatsApp directory from there.

  2. Open the Media folder then the Voice Notes. All the voice messages are kept there. This folder is accessible to anyone.


  1. You can delete any of these messages by tapping and holding on it. A pop up appear with the option to delete it. Once you clicked on it, a confirmation will be asked. And your message is gone!


  1. And that’s it! Just repeat the steps if you want to delete more.

If you want to keep a message though, you can copy it from the device and save it to your computer.

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