Conquering the World with Your Little Empire, a Game That Everyone Can Enjoy

Review of the Little Empire Game

Little Empire is the kind of game that gets to you and prevents you from taking a break from it. Of course, it’s addicting, at the very least – and in the mind of game developers, that’s a good thing, right? Little Empire that develops by Camel Games and is referred to as the first Location Based Service mobile MMO in the world.

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You have an empire, and your goal is to conquer the rest of the world with your army. This “world” is actually the other real players in the game, so it’s like you are competing with them for supremacy.

To start conquering the “world”, you must choose a hero from the following options: a troll, a warrior, or a winged elf.





You can see the following options once you are taken to your little empire:


  1. Task list

This is where you will see the story-based missions, some of which include:

  • Helping your allies
  • Stealing from your allies
  • Getting resources
  • Winning battles
  • Achieving some advancements




  1. Mail

The mail notifies you of the following:

  • An impending attack
  • Friend requests
  • Other memos


This is what you’d want to always check because this will keep you prepare in case someone will be attacking you.


  1. Arena

The arena is where you battle it out with enemies from the world. Winning comes when you are able to kill the entire army of your enemy or to demolish their castle first. You must choose the option to place your army in strategic locations once the match starts.




  1. Build Mode

This lets you do the following:

  • Build gold
  • You can build crystal mines
  • Moreover, build plants and trees
  • Also, build unit training camps
  • Build prisons
  • Build houses for your troops
  • Setting
  • Daily Challenges
  • Interact with your empire
  • Set up the layout of your entire kingdom


  1. Friends

This lets you build your “friends” list, which is necessary for the game to help you win against enemy attacks. Whereas the confusing part is that your friends can also steal from you if you fail to collect your resources on time. They may also attack you.


The good points of Little Empire

  • It’s easy to play
  • It’s addicting
  • It gives you endless gameplay
  • The UI is clean and pleasing to the eyes


The points to improve in Little Empire

  • The currencies in Little Empire are coins and crystals. But the game will also let you spend real money, which will give you a blue liquid called MOJO. Moreover, MOJOs can be earned as you finish gain a level or as you complete missions, but this is not enough for all the upgrades needed. Furthermore, the MOJO is used to decrease the time for harvesting your resources, and it also lets you buy upgrades such as spells, armor, and weapons.






  • Little Empire currently has some bugs that make you: (1) lose your connection, (2) force close the game, or (3) log out.
  • Another bug lets you hear the soundtrack even when you have already closed the game.
  • There are some grammar issues throughout the game – some sentences and dialogues just don’t make sense.
  • You can enhance and implement the location-based service in the entire.  So this would improve the gameplay a whole lot more.


The verdict


Little Empire


The game’s appeal comes mostly from the fact that you have to keep checking it – for resources, for mail alerts, to guard your little empire. In addition, the necessity of doing so keeps the game exciting and unpredictable, plus it also keeps you competitive as you try to win over other players’ empires.


It’s easy to be hooked to the game. Moreover, you will find that you can get very affected when your resources are stolen or when you lose a battle, and that is what will drive you to seek your revenge on that player. These circumstances lead you to want to check on your empire every so often just to ensure that your empire is safe from your enemies.




Finally, Little Empire has few issues, all of which can be improved by a few software upgrades.  On the other hand, it is very fun to play and a great time killer.

Have you tried playing Little Empire? How has your experience been?



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