A Comparison of Apple iPhone 6s Plus And Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Difference of Apple iPhone 6s Plus And Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It won’t be fair if we do not put the most famous phablets of 2015 against each other, each one is offering top notch features that a mobile can offer. What will be the result of this battle? Note 5 which has the stylus pen or iPhone 6s plus, that has the 3D touch technology?

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  • The design of both handsets, Apple iPhone 6s Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note, is just stunning; every inch of both devices feels premium. When placed side by side both of them look magnificent.
  • The physical material of 6s Plus is pure aluminum which is of top notch quality. The back of 6s plus has matte finish.
  • The physical material of the Note 5 is purely glass and metal. When light bounces off the shiny surface it gives shimmery effect.
  • Both the handsets are slippery in hand because of their build.

  • The shiny surface of Note 5 is a fingerprint magnet while the apple logo at the back of 6s plus cannot stay smudge proof.
  • 6s plus has a 5.5 inch display while Note 5 is a 5.7 incher.
  • The screen to body ratio of Note 5 is 75.9% which is very good.
  • The screen to body ratio of 6s Plus is 67.7%. This means that there is a lot of bezel above and below the screen on 6s plus.
  • 6s Plus weighs 192g while Note 5 weighs 171g.
  • 6s Plus is 7.3mm in thickness while Note 5 measures 7.5mm, so both of them are almost equal in this field.
  • The edge button positions are very similar, power button on both handsets is on right edge.
  • Volume rocker button is on the left edge.
  • Micro USB port, headphone jack and speaker placement on both handsets is on the bottom edge.
  • Camera placement on 6s plus is on the top right corner on the back while for Note 5 it is placed in the centre.
  • On the left edge of 6 plus there is a mute button.
  • While on the left edge of Note 5 there is a slot for stylus pen that has the cool new push to eject feature.
  • Both Apple iPhone 6s Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have a physical Home button below the screen that have a finger print scanner incorporated into it.
  • 6s plus comes in colours of gray, silver, gold and rose gold.
  • Note 5 comes in Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Silver Titan and White Pearl colours.

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  • Note 5 has Super AMOLED display of 5.7 inches. The screen has Quad HD display resolution.
  • Note 5 can be used with gloves on, this handset will be fun to use in winter.
  • iPhone has a 5.5 inch LED IPS display. The resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels.
  • iPhone has a new Pressure Sense technology named 3D touch, that can make distinction between Soft touch and hard touch.
  • The pixel density of Note 5 is 518ppi and that of 6s plus is 401ppi.
  • The display of Note 5 is sharper due to higher pixel density.
  • Maximum brightness of 6s plus is 593nits and minimum brightness is at 5 nits.
  • Maximum brightness of Note 5 is 470nits and minimum brightness is at 2 nits.
  • The colour temperature of Note 5 is 6722 Kelvin, it is very close to the reference temperature of 6500k. The color temperature of 6s plus is 7018 Kelvin.
  • Viewing angles of both devices are very good.
  • The display of Note 5 has better color calibration.

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  • 6s plus has Apple A9 chipset system.
  • iPhone has a Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister processor.
  • The processor is accompanied by 2 GB RAM.
  • The chipset system on Note 5 is Exynos 7420.
  • Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 is the processor.
  • The processor is accompanied by 4 GB RAM.
  • The graphic unit is Mali-T760 MP8 on Note 5.
  • The performance of both Apple iPhone 6s Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is very smooth and lag free. Not even a single lag was noticed but Note 5 has the upper hand in performance with 4 GB RAM.
  • Note 5 can handle heavy games pretty nicely.
  • The graphical unit on iPhone is a little better that Note 5.
  • 6s plus excels in single core performance while Note 5 is better at multicore performance.
Memory & Battery
  • 6s plus comes in three versions of built in memory; 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.
  • Note 5 comes in two versions; 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • Both of them lack a micro SD card slot.
  • 6s plus has a 2750mAh non removable battery.
  • Note 5 has a 3000mAh non-removable battery.
  • The total screen on time for Note 5 is 9 hours and 11 minutes while for 6s plus it is also 9 hours and 11 minutes. Both of them have the same score, Note 5 has a larger battery but it also supports Quad HD display.
  • The charging time from 0 to 100% for Note 5 is 81minutes.
  • The charging time from 0 to 100% for 6s plus is 165 minutes.
  • Note 5 also supports wireless charging.
  • 6s plus has a 5 megapixels front camera, on back there is a 12 megapixels one.
  • The camera has a dual LED flash.
  • The camera app does not have many features but the few it has are excellent.
  • Note 5 has a 16 megapixel camera on the back while the front holds a 5 megapixel camera.
  • Note 5 has 2 main modes; Auto mode and Pro mode.
  • Double tap of the Home key will take you straight to the camera app on Note 5.
  • There are many features like slow motion, fast motion, HDR, Panorama, virtual shot and selective focus.
  • There is also a feature that allows you to make video collage by cutting snippets of videos.
  • The iPhone camera app is very simple and there are not many features to boast of.
  • The images produced by Note 5 are more detailed as compared to the ones produced by iPhone.
  • Note 5 also aced in the images produced in lowlight conditions.
  • The color calibration of the images by both handsets is very impressive.
  • The front camera of Note 5 wins from iPhone. The images are more detailed on Note 5.
  • Note 5 is a clear winner in the camera app.
  • Note 5 runs Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop) operating system.
  • 6 plus runs iOS 8.4 which is upgradable to iOS 9.0.2.
  • Samsung has used its trademark TouchWiz interface.
  • The Android on Note 5 is very flexible and comes with tons of features which are loved by all.
  • The apple interface is very simple. There are not many features to boast of.
  • Fingerprint scanner is embedded in the home button on both devices.
  • Note 5 comes with a stylus pen, there are so many features you can explore with this pen. This is what makes Note 5 stand out among the crowd.
  • The call quality on both devices is excellent.
  • Various features of GPS, Glonass, Bluetooth 4.2, dual band Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and NFC are present.
  • Both Apple iPhone 6s Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 5 handsets support 4G LTE.
  • Browsing experience is fantastic on both devices; the Safari browser is a bit smoother in terms of scrolling & zooming as compared to Chrome on Note 5.

Both Apple iPhone 6s Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are stupendously amazing. The features and specifications are great. Design wise they are equal, display of Note 5 is better, performance is also equal, Note 5 has faster charging, camera of Note 5 is just tiny bit more accurate as compared to 6s plus. The Note 5 is also cheaper than iPhone 6s plus so our pick of the day is “Samsung Galaxy Note 5”.


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