Comparing The Samsung Galaxy S2 And The HTC One X

Last updated: May 25, 2020.
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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC One X

Both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC One X are impressive phones that have many people vouching for them. Which of these is the best though? In our review, we give you some of our thoughts on both.


How does the phone handle?

If a phone is too large then it can be an awkward and clumsy experience to use it. We prefer phones that may be powerful but can still be easily held in hand.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 might not have hardware as good as that found in the HTC One X but it is easy to hold and can fit in your pocket
  • The HTC One X is too big to be a convenient phone. It reminded us more of a small tablet
  • You can touch every corner of the Galaxy S2 while holding it in one hand
  • The thickness of the two phones are around the same, it’s the length and width that make the phones feel so different in your hold
  • The material of the phones also makes a difference in how they feel in the hand
  • The One X is mostly polycarbonate plastic while the S2 is textured plastic
  • The screen sizes also play a part and while the Galaxy S2 remains comfortable, the One X isn’t really useable with one hand.

Galaxy S2

Winner: The Samsung Galaxy S2.


These two phones have almost the exact same type of display specifications.

  • The HTC One x has a 4.7 inch Super IPS LCD2 display with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 x 800
  • The One X’s display is great. You’ll find it almost impossible to detect any pixelation and the images come through sharp and bright
  • The display of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is decent. You can see some pixelation is you stare really hard, but it doesn’t affect normal viewing
  • It’s undeniable though that the images on the screen of the One X are a bit better than those on the Galaxy S2

Winner: The HTC One X



  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 has only a single speaker located on the device’s rear
  • The sound that comes out of this single, rear speaker can only be called “acceptable”, especially compared to what you can get with the One X
  • The HTC One X has HTC’s Beats audio system. This system makes it seem like sound comes from a stereo speaker sitting in front of you
  • Almost anything you play on the HTC One X can be heard with great quality and clarity.

Winner: HTC One X

Processing power, general speed, and other benchmarks

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 uses a dual-core Exynos processor that clocks at 1.2 GHz
  • The HTC One X uses a nVidia Tegra 3 processor that clocks at 1.5 GHzTo test this, we cold-launched Reddit Sync on both devices at the same time
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 launched Reddit Sync in about one second
  • The loading time using the HTC One X was undetectable. As soon as the app icon was pressed, the app appeared on the screen
  • We also tried loading Play Store on both devices
  • With the HTC One X, the list of installed applications appeared in one second
  • With the Samsung Galaxy S2, it took around five seconds

Winner: HTC One X



Rear camera

  • Both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC One X have a 8 MP LED flash rear camera
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 works better in low light
  • But, the HTC One X has burst shot and can take and save a photo almost instantaneously
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 takes around 2 seconds to take and then save a phone

Winner: Tie

Front Camera

  • The HTC One X has a 1.3 MP front camera
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a 1.9 MP front camera
  • While there is no real difference between the two when taking a photo, there is a detectable difference when taking a video
  • Several video chats have shown that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is better

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S2


  • The HTC One X uses a 1,800 mAh
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses a 1,650 mAh
  • Due to the smaller screen, less powerful CPU and some other factors, the Galaxy S2 uses a lot less power and, if you’re not using it non-stop, should last several days without needing to charge
  • The best battery life we managed to get from the HTC One X was three-quarters of a day

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S2


If you were to place both phones in front of us and said we could have either, we would say the Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a powerful smartphone that handles better and lasts longer than the HTC One X. The One X may have a nice design and get great display resolution, but it’s difficult to use one-handed and runs out of battery quickly. Also, you can’t just pocket it.
However, the HTC One X does have some features that other people would prefer. It’s the most impressive device when you look at speed as well as hardware and some people really look for that in a smartphone.
In the end, the question of which device wins for you is really a matter of personal choice. What would you pick?

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