Capture Underwater Photos With Sony Xperia Z Photos

Underwater Photos With Sony Xperia Z Photos

One of the best ways to keep memories is through capturing photos or taking videos. This way you get to keep the memories and acquire bits and pieces of those memories for remembrance. It is used especially when you are out trekking mountains or exploring beaches using Sony Xperia Z photos.

Today, smartphones have become good alternatives for cameras and handy cams. However, smartphones generally have limited features when it comes to functioning as cameras. For this reason, more manufacturers are starting to produce “Waterproof” devices. These devices can be used underwater. first smartphone to do this is Sony Xperia Z.



While this feature has already been made available with Sony’s Xperia Z, only a few people were able to utilize this underwater functionality because of its physical limitation. The limitations include the fact that it’s difficult to access the screen when you are under the water. A proximity sensor can solve the problem.


AGGevorgyan, a XDA Forum Member has developed an app that allows you to take pictures using a proximity sensor. This app is called the Aqua Z Camera app. Its features also include accessing the volume button. The app also does not need to acquire root access.


Other app features:


  • Changing camera Function
  • Record video
  • Automatic white-balance
  • Auto focus
  • Color effects
  • Front and back camera compatibility
  • Flash


Capture Photos Underwater


To install, simply download “Aqua Z Camera” from the Google Play Store and install. Make sure to install the app only from Play Store to be able to get the updates.


After installing, you are now ready to capture photos underwater. You can adjust the sensor sensitivity in the app settings. The duration with which your finger covers the proximity sensor may also be adjusted.




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