Build.prop For Extra Compatibility

How to Build.prop For Extra Compatibility

You can for incompatible apps to run on your device by editing the build.prop system of in your device.


Some apps may not run on your device because they are not compatible. This happens a lot.


It may be because of your phone and how it is identified in Google Play. The app you are trying to install may be limited to a number of devices only because of a limited support.


For issues like this, you can deceive Google Play by editing the build.prop file of your device. It takes a simple procedure but with a lot of risks. If you want to really edit the file, you will have to face the risk and start to run Nandroid backup of everything stored in your device. Your phone also needs to be rooted.


To make this process successful, you have to carefully follow the instructions. Be meticulous in following the process just like you would in Windows Registry.



  1. Make Sure Android Is Rooted


Your Android phone needs to be rooted before accessing the build.prop file. This procedure differs depending on your device’s manufacturer. HTC, for example, has tools to allow you to root while others do not have. You can find some help at



  1. Find build.prop File


Download and install the app Tasker from the Play Store. Follow the onscreen information and just go on until you get to the main screen, Profiles/Tasks/Scenes. Make sure the Profile tab is selected and tap on the + found at the screen’s bottom to be able to make the first profile.

  1. Backup Data


Make sure your data is fully backed up with Nandroid ROM backup. If not, create a build.prop copy and save it to an SD Card or cloud storage. This is helpful in case something goes wrong.



  1. Open build.prop And Edit


Ensure that you have a text editor so you can edit the build.prop file. Open the file from the ES File Explorer. You will see a list of app in the collection. The ES Note Editor app is highly recommended for best results.



  1. Explanation Of build.prop


Build.prop is basically the ID of the device. It outlines the model and other information for Google Play as well as the apps. You can edit these details to control how you want the apps to run. You can find the model of your device in the list ro.product.model.



  1. Disguise Device


You can now adjust certain field from the build.prop file so your device can be made compatible with certain apps. Change along with ro.product.model=. The expression specifies your Android build version. You also have to change ro.product.brand= so you can rebrand your handset.



  1. More Changes


If you don’t see any changes yet, find, ro.product.device=, ro.product.manufacturer= and Check as reference to change build.prop settings.



  1. Save build.prop And Install App


Save the edited build.prop file by tapping on the back button of your device. Just agree to each prompt and restart Android. You can now choose the app you want to download and install from Google Play.



  1. Boot Loop For Help


Again, this process is risky. Should there be any errors made, your device will not boot properly. You can restore Nandroid backup or restore the build.prop file from the backup you saved in your SD Card or cloud storage.



  1. Google Play


Apps that you force to install to your phone after editing build.prop can cause damage to your device. Never attempt to install anything until you have made sure that it runs well with your device.


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