Best Tablets and Smartphones For Students

Tablets and Smartphones


With summer almost over, it’s time to start thinking of going back to school.  This includes getting together your school essentials such as notebooks and pens. How about gadget like tablet?

Another thing you might want to look at getting at this school year is a smartphone or a tablet to help you with your studies.  In this review, we list down great devices that can help you navigate your school life.


Technology is an important learning tool.  It also helps make things more efficient and today’s smartphones and tablets are great examples of how technology can benefit learning.

  1. Sony Xperia Z


The Sony Xperia Z can be hard to find.  In the US, the Xperia Z can only be had  by contract from T-Mobile, or you can buy one online and just use your preferred SIM.


Why is it good for students?

  • Good battery life. Enough to get you through a school day and a little more.
  • Small overlays for easy multi-tasking
  1. Galaxy Note 2


Why is it good for students?

  • The S Pen and the S Note let you take down notes and memos on your device easily.
  • Have features to assist you in class and in preparing presentations
  • The Large screen is easy to work with, especially when taking lecture notes.
  • If you download a good office app, you can even write a paper or essay on the Galaxy Note 2
  1. HTC One


Why is it good for students?

  • BoomSound audio technology combined with a 4.7 –inch screen ensures that you can record or video record a lecture reliably and also watch or listen to it well.
  • Made of aluminium so its durable.
  • A very reliable device.


Tablets are actually a better device to use at school then a smartphone.  It’s more powerful and with their larger screens, it makes studying easier.  However, tablets can be expensive but there are budget tablets out there that can come out cheaper than some off-contract cellphones.  These are the ones we think are best for school.

  1. Galaxy Note 10.1


This is the counterpart to the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone.  It is also the most expensive device on our list, retailing for $449.

Why is it good for students?

  • Most of the features that the Galaxy Note 2 has.
  • Has the S-Pen for easy note taking
  • Has multi-tasking features.
  1. Nexus 7 (2013)


This 7-inch tablet is the best of its kind.  It retails for around $229.

Why is it good for students?

  • Its powerful processor, a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU with 2 GB of RAM ensures a smooth and fast user experience
  • The 7-inch screen at 1080p makes it easy to read the text and see images.
  • Multi-tasking is swift and easy with the Nexus 7 (2013) fast and powerful processor.
  1. HP Slate 7


The specs of the HP Slate 7 are not that impressive but it’s a pretty good tablet for those on a budget.  This device retails at just $169.


While performing heavy tasks on this tablet may not be the best, you can still run a lot of helpful apps on it that can get you through a school day.  It can also handle casual gaming well, though there might be some lag in the more complex games


So there you have it, six devices that can help you through the school day.  As of the time this review was made, these are the best you can get.


Aside from budget, when making your choice between devices for school, take a closer look at the preloaded software.  If the device you want doesn’t have a certain software, you can also look for a similar app in the Play Store.


In the end, the choice of what device suits you better is up to you.  Make sure that what you choose fits your needs as well as your price range.


What do you think? Tablet or smartphone? Which device is best for you?



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