Best Android Spy Apps

The Spy Apps

If you want to be a spy, there are several spy apps you can install to your Android device. But these spy apps are not just for fun but for security. These apps protect the files of your phone or recover those files should your device gets lost or stolen.

However, you should use these apps with caution since spying can be illegal and might put you in trouble.


Below is a list of Spy Apps available to but not limited to Android phones. Some Spy Apps are available for iPhone or iOS devices.


Spy Apps


Automatic Call Recorder


This app is a free app. It allows you to record the conversations you have on your device. The recorder can set to start every time you are having a call. Or you can also specifically set it to start on certain calls only.


Spy Camera OS (Open Source)


This is also a free app. With this app, you can take videos silently so your subject will never notice.


IP Cam Viewer Lite


This app comes for free. This app helps you discover any hidden camera in a room or elsewhere to secure your own privacy.


Call, GPS, SMS Tracker


From the name itself, this app tracks the whereabouts of your subject including his activities with his phone like his calls and texts, the recipients of his calls and texts as well as how much time he spends talking to them. This app is also for free.


APP Lock


This app secures your privacy by locking private apps. This way, you can keep others from navigating around your apps. This is a free app.




Call Spy


With this app, you can record any call you want to keep track of. The audio recording is stored in MP3 format. This is also a free app.




You can actually plant a bug anytime using your device and this app. Simply leave this device on the spot where you want to eavesdrop. To start recording, you just have to send an SMS to the device. This app comes for free.


Ear Spy


If you want to listen to a conversation of someone who is seated just across the room, you can use this app. Ear Spy magnifies the voice of any person around you. This is also a free app.




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