Best 6 Samsung devices

Introducing the Best 6 Samsung devices

In the realm of smartphones, it’s difficult to overlook the impact of Samsung. Since its bug release in Android with Galaxy S2, Samsung has  clutched the top spot in Android gadgets sold — and however the playing field has leveled off some as of late the Korean maker still has a standout amongst the most conspicuous lines of phones out there today.

The name galaxy gets spread around to its whole lineup of Android smartphones, however when it truly comes down to it there are only a few of Samsung’s top of the line gadgets that you have to think about. Give us a chance and let us have a closer look at the top phones from Samsung

  • Galaxy S6

Samsung 1

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most famous flagship phones following the numeric progression of the previously launched Galaxy S phones that receives a yearly update.
  2. Galaxy S6 had a pretty great update this year shifting from plastic outlook to the glass front and back.
  3. The software of GS6 was also updated and modified.
  4. Galaxy S6 has a small internal battery with non-expandable storage in place of its usual removable battery and MICROSD.
  5. The fact that GS6 can be wirelessly charged that helps in quick charging is a great way to make people buy it and the new internal storage is highly effective that no one would consider an SD card
  6. GS6 is definitely one of the phones to look out for.
  • Galaxy S6 Edge:

Samsung 2

  1. Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the most anticipated smartphones with curved edges from both the sides that makes the phone look thinner and classier.
  2. There are some very fascinating visual changes been made, whenever you are not using your phone and it is just lying around somewhere or placed at the side table it will have the desk clock mode on.
  3. Also if you leave your phone face down you will easily get new notifications.
  4. It is available in amazing colors i.e. Teal and deep green.
  5. It also gives you an option to place your favorite contacts in a pull out feature that is available at the very edge of the phone.
  6. However, the phone is still pretty similar to GS6 if you ignore the physical and visual differences.
  7. The phone worth a 100 $ more than GS6 according to us all users should first check the features of both the phones together and then opt for the best one.
  • Note 4

Samsung 3

  1. With every update of Galaxy phones the users are always looking for something new and better then the previously released model.
  2. Same is the case with Note 4, note 4 stepped far away from that of GS5 which was released few months before Note 4
  3. Note 4 have come out with a metallic outlook with no trace of plastic whatsoever.
  4. With 5.7 inch QHD display which is one of the bests display ever seen.
  5. The internal features also improved vastly but the major change was made in the camera department. Note 4 was launched with 16 MP camera with an OIS that makes it a lot more powerful.
  6. However the in-built pen is still the part of the phone, making task like drawing and notes taking easier.
  7. Note 4 may prove to be gigantic phone for some people but it is definitely a phone to buy.
  • Note Edge :

Samsung 4

  1. While most of the people were looking out for Note 4 by the end of 2014 no one expected the advanced and modified version of note 4 i.e. note 4 edges.
  2. This phone has a curved outlook.
  3. It gives you a room and a different software named Galaxy Note Edge 4 that plays a significant role in loading smaller apps.
  4. There are a lot of things that cannot be performed but are available in other smartphones.
  5. The outlook is made in a way that it gets hard to hold on to the phone.
  6. If you are going for this more advanced and modified option than all you have to do is pay 100$ extra.


  • Samsung Galaxy 5

Samsung 5

  1. GS5 was released last year i.e. 2014 and was considered to be a major upgrade from S4.
  2. The hardware of S5 is on the line of the patent Samsung style with an indented soft back which makes it easier to hold.
  3. However the plastic that has been used around the edges is a real downer and do not give a feel of high end expensive smartphone.
  4. The processor used is Snapdragon 801 that is basically capable of handling anything with a 2GB RAM.
  5. The display is 5.1 inch AMOLED which is very enticing to look at.
  6. The phone has a water proof certification; it has this cover over the charging port to save your phone in case you get it wet.
  7. Carriers round the globe have some kind of S5 available and it is very easily one of the most consumer friendly phone fulfilling your each and every demand.
  • Samsung Galaxy 5 mini:

Samsung 6

  1. Samsung has launched a mini version of the galaxy line up in order to meet the wishes of people preferring low priced phones.
  2. Galaxy mini was released few months after the original S5.
  3. It had a convenient display of 4.7 inch, 1.4GHZ processor along with 1.5 GB RAM.
  4. However the outlook, color and style is similar to that of the real S5,

It is just a smaller package which comes under your budget and is easy to hold and carry.

  1. It is the phone for people who really want to be the owner of the Samsung phones but cannot afford to purchase note 4 or S6.
  2. S5 mini is a safer choice for people with a limited budget.


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