Battery Tips for Galaxy Note 4

Hint With This Battery Tips for Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy note 4 is one of the gigantic phones with a large battery of about 3220 mAh which is the reason as to why this phone is famous for its long battery life unlike other Samsung models. However Note 4 has loads and loads of features and bright display that feeds on the battery and minimize its span to work efficiently. Most of the time several people make it through the day without charging their batteries but for some the battery does not last this long. To save you battery there are something that should always be kept in mind and these things are as follows

Display settings:

Note 4 battery 1

  • Samsung note 4 has a huge vibrant and enticing display which appeals to most of the people.
  • However this big screen can be one of the biggest factors of losing the battery.
  • Your idea that battery is only drained when you watch some episodes on phone is not true.
  • Your battery is being sucked every time you switch on your cellphone.
  • To reduce the amount of battery usage all you can do is go to the settings then display options and deduct the brightness or shift to the power saving mode.
  • Following these steps will most certainly save the battery from being sucked.

Runaway apps:

Note battry 2

  • Most of the apps that are being used on your smartphone are all compatible with the device, However there are some apps that do not work properly and give in a lot of battery by running the background.
  • If you want to keep an eye on what is making you battery drain this quickly then go to the settings then options and see the battery usage and you will easily get to know which of the apps or feature is sucking most of the battery.
  • If you see the apps that you have never used are eating most of the battery then pay those apps a visit and tweak around with the settings to make the app stop.

Adaptive fast charging:

Note battery 3

  • Samsung has provided note 4 with its very own adaptive charger.
  • The adaptive charger charges note 4 in a much better way than that of the patent chargers.
  • Carrying the adaptive charge in bag , purse or documents may not be considered a very good idea however you can keep the one with a simple model so that it charges quickly.
  • However when speed is not the main thing you can always opt for the slower chargers and plug them in.

Qi charging back for casual charging:

Note battery 4

  • Note 4 does not actually come with Qi charging however Samsung has released the replacement covers to place it instead of the usual covers.
  • S- view flip cover is a bit thicker than that of the original one, however having a Qi charging is a much better option it will keep you phone charged up throughout the day without any hassle. Rather than getting the battery low before plugging in.
  • Majority of us have an extra Qi charging compatible devices to be used and are available in the places where we spend most of our time which mean there is highly likely change of receiving a low battery notification

Carrying a backup battery:

Note battery 5

  • Even though wireless charging is the most high end and chicest way to charge the phone, but this is not very helpful whenever you are moving.
  • If you need to charge your battery from nil to 100 then opt for the second battery i.e. the backup battery.
  • Samsung allows it users to put out the other battery and place the new one, because Samsung does not have fixed battery the time span of battery to last always increases by leaps and bounds.
  • Samsung comes with a battery kit and it should be noted that carrying a second battery is far better than buying a Qi charger which is definitely cheaper.

So here are the few points that should always be kept in mind while using note 4. Comment us or send us your query in the comment box below.


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