What Apps Can You Use To Spy On Someone From A Cellphone?

Spy On Someone From A Cellphone

Before we tell you what apps you can use to do this, may we remind you that spying on loved ones shouldn’t be done without serious cause? For example, if you’re a parent and your concerned about your child’s activites.

If you have a valid reason to keep track of the whereabouts of your loved ones, there are a number of ways a cellphone can help you do so.  One of the ways is through several apps which we will discuss below.


Location Trackers:

  1. FamilyWhere

T-Mobile has developed the Familywhere app which provides tracking services.  This service can be free but there is a paid version as well.  The app can help you find a person on a map and show you where they are.  You can download and use this app with any mobile phone.  There is no need for extra software installation or GPS.


  1. Schedule Checks

The schedule checks feature of Family where allows you to get location updates at specific times according to the settings you place.  You will get a notification that a person has arrived at a location at the scheduled time via text or email.


  1. Share Location

Through this feature, your loved one can share their location through the check-in option.  When your loved one reaches their location, they can send you a text message through the app.  You will be informed that they are at their destination and you will also get to see where they are on the map.


FamilyWhere can track up to ten people at a time.  It also sends a notification via text message to the person that you are tracking.


If you are using it on an Android device, the device needs to be Android 1.5 and above.  FamilyWhere can also be accessed online via T-Mobile’s website (My.T-Mobile.com).


You can use FamilyWhere for the first 30 days for free, afterwards, you will have to pay $9.99 a month.


  1. AT&T Family Map

This app notifies you of the location of a specific person.  The location can be sent either through text message, voice message or e-mail.  This app runs on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry phones, and on Windows PCs.  The app uses Wi-Fi, mobile internet and GPS to track down someone’s location.


The app allows you to locate up to two family members as long as their phones are turned on.  If you or the person your tracking has an iPhone 5, you will need to install AT&T Check-in companion and the family map.


For the first 30 days, the app is free.  Afterwards, you will be charged $9.99 a month.


  1. Sprint Family Locator

You can use this app if you have the Sprint family plan.  It allows you to track any of the phones in this plan; this includes smart phones and normal phones.


You need to install the app on your smartphone then go to the Sprint Family locator on the Sprint website and enter your contact number.  You will then be sent a code of registration via text message.


You can locate up to 4 family members with this app.  Just open the app and enter the contacts included in your plan.  All entered contacts will get a text message notifying them that they are on the app.  Their locations will now be shown on a map with their pictures.


The app is free for 15 days, afterwards you will be charged $5 a month.


  1. Life 360 Family Locator

This is a free app that works through GPS.  When you download the app, you need to create an account using your e-mail and then send invites to the people you want to be able to locate.  These people will then have to click on an internet link and fill an online form.  The person you want to locate is informed, and you cannot track them without their consent.  Also, location sharing can be turned on and off.  There is also a free chat service.


  1. Security Alerts

The app allows a phone to send a location alert in the event of an emergency.  A contact can sent their location to you through text, voice message or even data.

  1. Check-in Alert

Through this feature, you can send a request that a contact “check-in”.  The contact can tap to accept the request and the app will then track their location and send the information to you.

Spy Apps

The location trackers we showed you above need the other person’s consent to track their location, here are some that are more secret and unnoticeable.

  1. Stealthgenie

Stealth Genie allows you to see a person’s location but it also  gives some extra features such as GPS tracking, text monitoring, Web browsing, etc.


This app is compatible with Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

  1. Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing is a feature where you can set boundaries for you contact and, when they violate those boundaries, you receive a notification. You can also add prohibited areas and if the phone enters those locations you will get an alert

  1. Triggers

You can add trigger words like sex, drugs, etc, phone numbers or email addresses and if they are used, you will be notified.

  1. Regul#ar Reporting

You can set up a time – such as 30 minutes – when you will get updates at regular intervals.

  1. Call Recording

If you get the Android Platinum package of Stealth Genie, you will get this feature which allows you record incoming and outgoing calls.  You can set it to record all calls or select various numbers whose calls will be recorded.

  1. Monitoring Social Media Accounts

The app can track social media accounts which includes Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Blackberry messenger and iMessage conversations, sent and received e-mails on G-mail, Sim card change alert and backup or delete data remotely.



Security monitoring:

  1. Norton Family

From Norton Monitoring, this app allows complete remote monitoring, allowing you to keep an eye on someone’s activities. It can help you track their location, activities online others.


The app needs to be installed on every device that a person to be tracked uses.  The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store. When the app is installed, open it and then Sign in using your e-mail and password. From the notification settings, choose which alerts you want to receive regarding the activities on the device.

  1. Alerts

Norton can alert you about;

  • Browsing history, websites accessed.
  • Block certain websites
  • View sent and received Text and MMS messages
  • Viewing sent and received emails
  • Videos watched and download history

To view theses alerts you can either go on Norton’s website or you can set it so you get and can view alerts on  a smart phone.


Spy Apps for AT&T iPhone:

Here some other spy apps which can be used to monitor activity logs, online browsing details, text and call conversations, social media networks, etc.


Have you used any of these apps?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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