Anticipating the New Sprint Wifi Calling

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

A Closer Look and Anticipating the New Sprint Wifi Calling

Sprint is set to launch its own offering of first party Wifi calling, and this is expected to be allowed on at least two Android-powered handsets – the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and the Samsung Galaxy Mega. This will rival the offering of T-Mobile, and Sprint users are excited for this latest update.

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What to expect of the Sprint Wifi Calling

The new feature will be enabled on included handsets by having maintenance upgrades. Apart from the current handsets on Sprint’s line, other phones that will have the Sprint Wifi Calling are those devices that are running on at least an Android 4.2 operating system.

Some of the expected features of the Sprint Wifi Calling are the following:

  • Calls made through Wifi will not be recorded or charged on your voice minutes. Just note, however, that Wifi calling cannot be used reciprocally with CDMA calling.
  • Your device needs to be compatible or included in the approved lsit of handsets that will have the Sprint Wifi Calling
  • Users will not be charged extra for using this new feature
  • Sprint Wifi Calling should be activated at
  • A toggle for Wifi Calling will appear in the Settings menu
  • Users need to activate the Android Location Services on their device for the Wifi Calling to function.
  • The new function cannot be used when the user has activated VPN
  • It is necessary to have a CDMA signal. Otherwise, Wifi Calling will not function. According to Sprint, the need for a CDMA signal is for emergency reasons
  • Sprint Wifi Calling is available and supported only in the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands


So far, Sprint has not yet released an official statement of when the Sprint Wifi Calling will be launched, but it is already expected for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Mega.


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