Android Apps to Help You for Your Fitness Goals To Help you Get Fit

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Apps to Help You reach Your Fitness Goals

A lot more people are going to the gym as they try to achieve their desired body shape and to stay fit. But not all want to spend on a gym membership or to hire a trainer, so as an alternative, they rely on mobile apps that help them plan their fitness activities and their routine to easily accomplish their target goals. Several apps have already been created for this purpose, and it’s the reason why people now are starting to believe that even without spending a lot, it is still possible to get that dream body. Here are some of the apps currently available on Android that will help you to get rid of those extra pounds and to remain on top of your game:


  • Ideal if you are into running or cycling.
  • Endomondo lets you track your distance and set new goals for yourself.
  • There are different kinds of workout available for your training, including weight training, gymnastics, yoga, indoor cycling, and elliptical training.
  • The app allows you to monitor your heart rate and calories burned
  • It has a “News Feed” similar to social networking apps so that you can track your friends’ activities and their goals



How much it costs:

  • Endomondo can be downloaded for free
  • A paid training version is available at $4.99. This version also does not have ads.


Gym Workout Log

  • Gym Workout Log is ideal for people who lift weights
  • It teaches you how to lift weights the right way. Gym Workout Log provides tutorials for each lift
  • The app allows you track the workouts that you have done and it also assists you in creating your routines
  • Gym Workout Log helps you to create your own schedule and to note it as soon as you have completed one




How much it costs:

  • Gym Workout Log can be downloaded for free, and this version does not have ads.
  • A paid version is also available for $4.89. Here you can have new features to log your workouts and it also gives you more themes, plans, alerts, and the like.


Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

  • This app helps you monitor all sorts of workouts, be it walking or running or cycling
  • Map My Fitness Workout Trainer lets you “map” your activities such as situps, swimming, volleyball, yoga, interval training, walking, etc. It can be used even for the simplest of activities, which is great and makes it very realistic.
  • The app also allows you to keep track of your eating habits
  • You have the option to share your activities on social media sites.



How much it costs:

  • Map My Fitness Workout Trainer can be downloaded for free
  • A paid version is available for $2.99 so that the app would be ad-free.
  • Map My Fitness Workout Trainer also has an MVP subscription, which can be bought for a monthly fee of $5.99, or an annual fee of $29.99


Virtuagym Fitness

  • Virtuagym Fitness is ideal for any user who needs further encouragement to start exercising.
  • The app shows several kinds of exercise. The app has a certain number of repetitions depending on your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) that you need to accomplish.
  • You may also choose from different routines that have beginner to advanced levels. These routines are usually 60 minutes each.
  • Virtuagym Fitness teaches you the right form and lets you develop your capabilities in each lift and workout. These are made possible through the moving figures so that you know exactly how to do a certain exercise.
  • You are able to track your progress by simply completing routines. The app also has a listed set of achievements to keep you motivated in doing the workouts.




How much it costs:

  • Virtuagym Fitness can be downloaded for free.


Workout Trainer

  • Workout Trainer lets you create routines for your workout
  • It identifies your goals first and inquires about the challenges that you face about workouts
  • Workout Trainer gives you a customized routine that takes into consideration your workout goals and challenges
  • There are audio messages that can be heard parallel to your music playlist.
  • Workout Trainer also has a visual figure that teaches you how to properly do an exercise, as well as the number of reps needed.
  • The app lets you to identify the number of days that you will train each week as well as the magnitude of each workout




How much it costs:

  • Workout Trainer can be downloaded for free
  • It also has an optional pro version that can be acquired for $7 monthly if you are not a fan of advertisements. This pro version has HD videos of the workout tutorials


There are several apps already available for Android users, and it’s up to the user to find a tailored solution to accomplish their workout goals.


Are you using any one of the apps mentioned, or are you using something else that also works incredibly well? Share it with us through the comments section below!



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