An Overview of YotaPhone

An Overview of YotaPhone

YotaPhone is a dual screen handset which is a combination of a smartphone and e-reader, what this handset offers might be of great potential. Read the full review to know more.



The description of YotaPhone includes:

  • 7GHz dual-core processor
  • Android 4.2 operating system
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and no expansion slot for external memory
  • 6mm length; 67mm width and 9.99mm thickness
  • A display of 3 inch and 1,280 x 720 pixels display resolution
  • It weighs 146g
  • Price of £400


  • The handset has a peculiar design.
  • The physical material is plastic but it feels durable in hand.
  • It is a little thicker at the bottom side as compared to the top.
  • The handset has a screen on the front and another one on the back.
  • There is a lot of bezel above and below the screen which kind of increases the length of the handset.
  • There is a ‘touch zone’ beneath the screen.
  • The screen on the back is a little concaved.



The handset offers a dual screen. On the front there is a standard Android screen while on the back there is an e-ink screen.

  • The smartphone screen on the front has a display of 4.3 inches.
  • It offers a display resolution of 1,280 x 720
  • Considering the price the display resolution is not very good.
  • The resolution of the e-ink screen is 640 x 360 pixels, which is very less as this screen is supposed to be used for eBook reading.
  • The text sometimes seems a bit fuzzy.
  • The e-ink screen does not have a light built into it. At night you will definitely need another light source.




  • There is a 13 megapixel camera on the back. It is oddly located on the bottom side of the handset.
  • The front holds a 1 megapixel camera which is just enough for video calling.
  • The back camera gives excellent shots.
  • Videos can be recorded at 1080p.


  • 7GHz dual-core processor is complemented by 2 G RAM.
  • Although the processor is very strong it cannot handle multitasking very efficiently.
  • At times the performance is very sluggish. The next version of YotaPhone will need a stronger processor if it wants to succeed.

Memory & Battery

  • YotaPhone comes with 32 GB of built in storage.
  • The memory cannot be enhanced as there is no expansion slot.
  • The battery is mediocre, it will get you through a day of frugal use but with heavy usage you might need an afternoon top.


  • The biggest disappointment of the handset is the fact that it runs Android 4.2; considering the crop of current handsets it is extremely back dated.
  • The e-ink screen pops up a ‘smile please’ screen when you are using the back camera; it is a nice touch for reminding people that they need to look nice.
  • Organizer app is also very helpful. You can view you appointments by sweeping around on the ‘touch zone’ below the screen.
  • The two screens can communicate to some extent for example sweeping downwards with two fingers can send whatever stuff you are viewing on the Android screen to e-ink screen, it can be your to-do list or it can be a map. It will stay there even when the phone is on standby mode or switched off.
  • The e-ink screen does not use any power except when it is being refreshed.

The Bottom Line

The first thing that can be said is that the handset is very expensive, even if it is offering dual screen it still feels very expensive. YotaPhone has come up with a new concept which is very interesting but it still needs a lot of development. The e-ink screen resolution is very low, it needs a built in light and the communication between the two screens needs some work. The version two of this handset might be a be very pleasing.



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