An Overview of Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S Review

Sony Xperia S has many great features but can it compete with the leading smartphones of this year. Read the full review to find out.



The description of Sony Xperia S includes:

  • Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core 1.5GHz processor
  • Android 2.3operating system
  • 1GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage with no expansion slot for external memory
  • 128mm length; 64mm width as well as 6mm thickness
  • A display of 3-inch coupled with 720 pixels display resolution
  • It weighs 144g
  • Price of £429


  • Sony Xperia S looks very trendy and stylish.
  • It has a beautiful body and sharp edge.
  • Embedded into the clear strip at the bottom of the screen are the symbols for Home, Back and Menu functions. You can activate it by touching the small dots above them. This is different from the usual design; some people might like the change.
  • It has a slightly curved back.
  • The overall height of the set is augmented by the strip; it might not fit so easily in the pocket.
  • Micro HDMI port under the protection of a cover, volume rocker button, and camera button are present on the right edge of the handset.
  • The battery is non-removable.



  • The 4.3-inch screen is matching the latest trends.
  • Furthermore, the colours are vibrant and crisp with 1280×720 pixels.
  • Sony Bravia HD system has delivered its best.



  • There is a 12-megapixel camera at the back which delivers absolutely stunning shots.
  • You can record videos at 1080p.
  • Moreover, it enhance with a feature of smile detection.
  • A 1.3-megapixel camera sits at the front of fascia, which records videos at 720p.
  • The picture quality is outstanding; the colours are very bright and sharp.


  • The 1.5GHz along with 1GB RAM zips along smoothly.
  • As a result, the response is very quick with all kinds of apps.

Memory & Battery

  • There is 32GB of built-in memory which is a stunning specification, but out of 32GB, only 25GB is available to the user.
  • While this might be enough for many users, the memory eaters cannot add to this due to the absence of a slot for microSD card.
  • Moreover, the 1750mAh battery won’t get you through a full day; you might need to keep the charger at hand.


  • Old Sony Ericsson Android skin might make fans feel at home.
  • Sony’s trademark Timescape application is still here, which brings together Facebook, Twitter, and SMS in one place.
  • There are five customizable home screens which can be filled with the widgets of your choice.
  • Moreover, there are many pre-installed apps like the PlayStation app.
  • There is also DLNA and Near Field Communication.


Sony has come up with a decent handset with some very nice specifications. The display is great, the battery is a letdown but the build and performance of the phone are remarkable. Being the first handset produced by Sony it is not entirely perfect, but there are many things to like about it.

Sony Xperia S

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