An Overview of HTC Cha Cha

HTC Cha Cha
HTC Cha Cha

HTC has attempted to fit Android into a keyboard smartphone through Cha Cha. Can it get the attention of blackberry fans? To find out how it scored, please read the review…

A Closer Look of the HTC Cha Cha

Many attempts have been made to produce a miniature version of the smartphones with classic a keyboard that runs the Android operating system. All such attempts have failed to be successful up till now, but it seems HTC Cha Cha might change that trend.


The description of HTC Cha Cha includes:

  • Qualcomm 800MHz processor
  • Android 2.3.3 operating system with HTC Sense
  • 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM and an expansion slot for external memory
  • 4mm length; 64.6mm width and 10.7mm thickness
  • A display of 6 inches and 480 x 320pixels display resolution
  • It weighs 120g
  • Price of £252


The good points:

  • Physically the ChaCha looks gorgeous, simple but stylish.
  • The phone is slightly heavy at 120g but it sure does feel solid. Due to the phone material is a mix of metal and plastic. Most of all, a metallic finishing give in every feature.
  • The body is slightly curved which improves the viewing point of the screen.
  • The keyboard is very easy and comfortable to use. As a result, great for fast typing.
  • There is a small cursor bank at the bottom right corner, very useful.
  • There are also dedicated keys for Call and End button.
  • The Facebook button is great for instant accessing of the status page – the Facebook fans are sure to like this feature.



The point that needs improvement:

  • The angled screen feels awkward in the pocket.
  • The microSD card slot is beneath the battery, one has to go through a lot of trouble for removing the microSD card.

Performance & Battery

  • The operating system is completely up-to-date running on Android 2.3.3.
  • Processing is absolutely slick and fast.
  • The battery will easily get you through the day owing to the small screen.


  • The display is good with 480 x 320pixels display resolution.
  • The 2.6-inch screen is too small for our liking, especially for video viewing and web browsing.
  • HTC has worked really hard to fit Sense to the 2.6 display. It is really beneficial for the apps as it provides alternative orientation when you flip it in your hand.

On the downside, you can’t flip some of the apps, an example of which is the web browser.

A3 R



  • Cha Cha has four home screens but you can have up to seven screens. By tapping on the giant plus sign on the empty screen you can make another home screen, the widgets of your choice can be placed on this home screen
  • One of the annoying points is that a lot of scrolling has to be done before reaching the screen of your choice, but this is overcome with the help of home button which allows you to view all the homepages and you can simply tap one to reach it.
  • HTC introduce may shortcut keys in Cha Cha, for example during web browsing you can view history by pressing Menu+H key.
  • There is also a widget for Facebook. When in the camera mode if you press the Facebook button, it will take the picture and drop it on the upload screen.

HTC Cha Cha: Conclusion

All things are good about this phone but there are also many drawbacks. The screen somehow feels too small for web browsing and video viewing and the flash support is not very good either. Overall HTC ChaCha is the best attempt at Blackberry styled android device up till now.


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