Alternative Keyboard That Can Be Used For Samsung Galaxy S6

Last updated: May 25, 2020.

Introducing The Alternative Keyboard That Can Be Used For Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung galaxy S6 built in keyboard is honestly not the finest one as compared to the other smartphone of today’s age. The touch buttons are all inappropriate places and the touch response is also not very great whereas the auto correct system is concerned it is a real downer. However all these disappointments does not mean you have no other options , there are several different options in play store to switch the keyboards, there are a lot of free and paid options to choose from that gives a lot of room to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at all these keyboards and see if anyone’s worth switching.

Following are the examples of few keyboards that are worth the use.


 Starting off with the google keyboard, if you are under the impression that Google’s keyboard is only restricted to Nexus devices and phones then you are entirely mistaken. This keyboard is not just for Nexus but all the smartphone users can easily access this keyboard through their play store and use it on their S6 as well. This keyboard has an option to choose between dark and light themes that go extremely well with lollipop designed apps, it also has some very basic keyboard features for example swiping, typing and predicting according to the way you type on your phone. There is also an option to use handwriting input by downloading the handwriting app. This keyboard is free without any kind of disruption created by ads.

  • SWIFTKEY: Keyboard A2

SwiftKey keyboard is considered as one of the finest third party keyboard. It is the most advantageous app if the full version is downloaded. By installing this app you will get the swiping text entry. There is a wide range of themes and customizable buttons so that it can go along easily with the style you desire. This keyboard is entirely free except for the fact that if you need new themes you will have to pay for them

  • FLEKSY: Keyboard A3

This keyboard is regarded as one of the most super flexible and customizable keyboard with a lot of options that works amazingly with both the phones and the tablets. The size and layout of the keyboard can be customized; there is also an option to choose among 40 themes. This keyboard allows you to send animated emoticons to your friends. The app is free but for the advanced and premium features you will have to pay but according to several users those paid features are worth the price.

  • SWYPE: Keyboard A4

It is one of the most unique and infamous names among the third party keyboards, the keyboard does not have  very showy, advanced or new features but it has all the basic features that work pretty well including  next word prediction feature which is swift and appropriate. This keyboard also offer bilingual input and is now available for free.

  • GO KEYBOARD: Keyboard A5

This keyboard is a nice one loaded with customizable themes and layouts to match your desired styles. The keyboard has 60 language inputs along with the multi-lingual dictation. It also allows you to send colorful emoji, emoticons; smiley’s to your friends and improves the texting platform. The app has inbuilt buying option as well but the usual set of features are amazing to use.

 So we have touched around all the finest keyboard alternatives, only if you want to switch your current galaxy S6 keyboard.

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